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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Our Amazing River Site on BLM Land - Wyoming

Daniel, Wyoming
Warren Bridge BLM

It was less than a 3 hour drive from Lander to Daniel, Wyoming.  The population is 150.  So what brings us out this way?  Fishing on the Green River.
First you drive through a lot of flat sage land.  We passed a sheep herder on horseback keeping a close eye on the herd as some of them were on the road.
There's always that ONE that has to be different right?
Miles and miles of flat.
Once and a while some mowed fields and colorful hills break up the monotony.

The snowcapped Bridger Teton range wrap around to the north.
Our friend, Skip, told us this is one of  his favorite fishing places (oops, don't tell anyone).  We had planned on camping at the Warren Bridge Campground but once we arrived we found out that they weren't going to open up until the next weekend due to the recent snow.
Above on the left, you can see the Warren Bridge Campground at the top.  We ended up crossing the bridge and turning onto BLM land.  The red dot is where we camped. Right on the river.  FREE.
The dirt road was clear of snow for the first couple of miles then it was impassible.  It was smooth and fine for a rig our size.  There were smaller roads that took you down right to the river where you had one or maybe 4 sites.  All spaced out very far.  Each had a fire pit and table and a shared bathroom.  Very nice!  We had the best site.  Only room for two at ours and no one but us.  I'm sure if it were later in the year this area would be hard to get into.  Only problem was the roads down to the river could be a bit steep.  We walked it a couple of times and discussed it.  Then we went for it.  No problem going down.  When it was time to leave however, Ol' Hoss strained just a bit. Even in low-lock 4 wheel.  Not for the faint of heart.
These are the coordinates to our exact spot.  There are about 12 spots along several miles of the main BLM road.
This is the main road driving towards our site.  That's us way in the back, that white square.
There were actually 2 drops before you got to the site.  That's us to the left and the bathroom on the right.
Looking towards our site with the bathroom out of the view to the right.
It's like they mowed the grass for us.
This is a known moose area.  We didn't see any, but they were around.
Looking towards our site from the bathroom.
Can't get any closer without hanging over.
View out the back window.
The water was surprisingly clear.  Not perfect, but not as cloudy as we thought it might be.  We fished a little but didn't get anything but a few bites.
We took a drive further back on the main BLM road to see some of the others sites.  This was the second access site.  There were about 4 sites down there. Can you believe how gorgeous?!  If the fishing was good we'd stay a week, more if we had time.
Such awesome places if you can get down to them.  We couldn't go any further as the main road was covered with snow so we went back to camp to walk around and fish a bit more. If you're considering camping here I'd scout it out first.  No turnarounds in the first few miles.

Yes, that's ice on the bank.  Still pretty cold out here.

A couple more pictures of our site from up the hill just a bit.
Hurley was thrilled that the previous folks left some "sticks" for him to play with.

Well the wind sure picked up as the afternoon wore on and we decided against a fire.
I enjoyed a glass at my inside (warm) window seat.
I checked the weather and was not too happy to find out that a fast moving rain/snow storm was dropping further down our way than expected with high winds.  Not sure how tomorrow's fishing 
will go.  We'll see.


  1. We boondocked there several years ago and really loved it. It sure is a special place.

    1. Was it crowded when you were there? We're wondering how hard it would be to get a spot in the summer.

  2. Another sweet spot! So nice having a description for getting to your site. Sometimes the unknown can be a bit intimidating.
    Safe travels!

    1. What a great spot it was! Would love to go back in the summer.

  3. That is the area we floated and fished. I had to learn how to fish it, but once I did, I caught a few on the fly rod. Can't wait to hear how you did.

    1. Beautiful river and area. We could barley fish as a huge storm blew in and the temps were probably around zero with the windchill :-(

  4. The weather is so strange this year. Catch some fish.

    1. Much better fishing as things warmed up in SD and now in Montana where we are all of June.

  5. Beautiful spot! I just looked it up and it is only 6 1/2 hours from us, maybe a road trip is in order!

  6. Nice front porch views! Too bad about the cold weather but soon it'll warm up :-)

    1. This was early May. Fast forward to mid June (now) and we're still getting some snow! But yes, finally, it is warmer!


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