"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Monday, November 2, 2015

Back to California for the Holidays (what?)

Surprise, AZ
Happy Trails RV Resort

It's that time of year for us again, heading back to Northern California for the holidays to visit family and friends and take care of appointments.  For those wondering, holidays?  I'm still catching up on the blog.
Steve's Dad, his wife Bunny and step brother.
We stay with them at their nice RV Resort to help out with whatever we can and visit.  His Dad has Alzheimer's and there is always much to do.

Hurley loves being a lapdog.

 I found a great bike trail that I love to ride every morning.  I really miss this trail when we leave.

 I do a lot of cooking there also and before we left I wanted to make a nice Italian Braciola.


Some colorful cacti.


On our way into California, we were able to meet up with our second son, Shane, who had recently moved to Southern CA with his job.  Just enough time for a dinner out.

Always weird to see oil rigs right smack in the middle of a store parking lot.
And to go with the crazy Southern CA sights, we were passed on a busy freeway by a Formula One race car.  A REAL one!  Didn't think that would be legal.  It went by so fast I couldn't get a picture.

Now were on the coast.  Haven't seen the beach in months.  We stayed at the pricey, El Capitan State Park.  $50 and no hookups.  But you did get an amazing view!
Our view.
There are other sites with water and electric, same price, but not with this great view.


Gunky crude that washes up on the beach from the drilling rigs offshore. Hard to get off your feet.

Happy seagull looking for food.

I'm definitely a mountain kind of girl, but I do enjoy the beach once in a while.  I had the sand to myself while I took a nice walk.  No dogs allowed on the beach, so Hurley had to stay in the trailer.


Drilling platforms in the distance.

Monarch Butterfly

We did run into a couple of problems before arriving at the campground.  We were able to drive around a shovel that was in our lane, but we were not so lucky with the rake that appeared a little bit later.  (What's up with the garden tools?)  We have a tire pressure monitoring system that keeps track of the tire pressure and tire temperatures.  No changes and the campground was just up ahead.  While Steve was backing the trailer in I noticed a chunk missing from one of the trailer tires.

Steve was missing the one deep socket he needed to get the tire off.  When he asked our neighbor if he had any tools, he said no, but the next guy had plenty.  Steve talked to Scott who was from Colorado and used to drive 18 wheelers.  He had everything and was eager to help.  Unfortunately it was an hour drive back the way we came for me to get a free replacement tire from Discount Tires.  So off I went.  Three hours later I was pulling in after dark with a new mounted tire.  Scott saw me drive by and ran over to once again help out.

Thanks Scott!

Time for one more peaceful walk on the beach.

These huge trees had branches growing out in all directions.

Leaving the Southern California beaches and warmth.  Tomorrow we arrive in Northern California where it is cold in the mountains and the fall colors are out.