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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Final Hikes in Bryce and Red Canyons - Utah

Bryce, Utah
Bryce Canyon National Park

Most of the trails down into Bryce were closed due to snow but we were happy that the cashier in the store suggested we take the 3 mile round trip Fairyland Trail.
We were all layered up for the cold but before we could get started, Lee wanted a coffee to-go.  What? You're going to bring a coffee on the trail?  Yep!
And this is what a happy hiker looks like when he finally gets his coffee!
The trail started out with quite a bit of slushy snow, but then came the fun part.
Slick, sticky, deep, red mud!
It wasn't too bad once you got down the muddy part.  What we noticed was that as you turned around the hoodoos, hiked through the shady sides or the sunny sides, we were constantly taking our layers off and putting them back on.
Trace found a really neat rock.
As we went further down the canyon the snow wasn't too bad on the trails and it got a bit warmer.

You can see the trail wind down here.
There were some steep parts you had to be careful of but overall the trail was great and we all had a good time.

The deep oranges, red and pinks were amazing!
See that window on the wall?
Looking through the window.
And on the other side you can see Trace looking through the window.
The famous "Wall" we were told we'd know it when we saw it.  Yep.  Pretty cool!

The blue of the sky was so deep!  Loved seeing the trail of an airplane up above.

Getting closer to the wall.

At one point we could hear the stream flowing and I caught a glimpse of some color.  I hiked down a bit and there was this really pretty little waterfall flowing over the most colorful rock.  This picture doesn't do it justice but it was really beautiful to see.  If you go to Lee and Trace's blog, Camper Chronicles, you'll see Lee's video of the waterfall which is just magical.  Click HERE to go see it on their blog.  It's about 1/2 way down.

Near the very bottom is the marker.  Veni Vidi Vici!!
And here is the Bridge with a  window to the left side.

After a short lunch break we head back up.
This was Lee and Trace's first hike in the snow but they did great!  Look at Lee go!
A little water break and some rest time in the shade and we're almost there.  Surprisingly, it seemed faster coming back up.
The Fairlyland Trail.
On the way through the parking lot I spot one of these backroad beasts!  If you haven't seen an Earthroamer, these babies will set you back about 300K!  You can check them out HERE.  They are the ultimate off road RV!  I'd sure love one to take to Alaska.  Anyone want to buy one for me?
The next day Lee and Trace took a drive to scout out our drive to Goblin Valley where we'd be going next and meeting up with Greg and Cori.  Steve and I drove back to Red Canyon to do a few hikes there.
We hiked the Pink Ledges and the Hoo Doo Trails.  At the beginning we deviate a bit to get a geocache that is hidden at the top of these hoo doos. Straight up we go.

                        Looking up at the roof of the arch.                    Hurley looing out.

Taking a little break.  The weather has been cold, windy and crazy.  Today, we had a hot day!

I'm was thinking this black stuff was Bat poop.  When I got closer I touched it and, if it was Bat poop, it was fossilized(?).  It was smooth and glass like.  So, I know some of my readers know what this really is.  I forgot to ask a ranger, so please let me know!

The colors and shapes of the rocks and hoo doos made this a really fun hike. Anyone can do it.

The rocks along the way were very colorful as well.

The Visitor Center was closed, but we walked around and read the informative signs outside.
Hurley and Steve visiting with Smokey.
There was one more short hike I wanted to do that went up a wash.  There was a fair amount of water flowing through which made it more fun.  Hurley especially loves a hike with water!
He runs around, splashes, drinks and lays down in the pools.
It was ice cold water too.  We hiked back a bit and up a hill to find one more geocache.  This area is where Butch Cassidy ran around back in the day.
Lee and Trace found the best way to get our big rigs up to Goblin Valley and left a couple of days before us so they could spend some time in Escalante and then joining up with Greg and Cori.  The weather was supposed to take a turn for the worst anyway.
Chickens!  Boy the winds came up and a little snow fell too.  We sure went through the propane staying warm.
The next day we had about an inch of new snow down.  As you see below, it was COLD!

Looking up in the skylight you could see the ice crystals and a little frozen snow.  I can't wait to head out to Goblin Valley and warmer temps!!


  1. You must have found it as hard as I did to edit down pics for the blog....I took almost 400!
    Looks great in the snow too! Safe travels!

    1. Yes, hard to do! I'm still catching up on your blog!

  2. Too cold!!! Loved hiking the Peekaboo trail to the valley floor, but going up thru the wet mucky stuff got to be old real quick.

    1. The mud was tricky. No way around it. At least none of us slid and fell on our butts! Or went over the edge!

  3. Incredible scenery! Love the snow/rock combo shots. We have never seen an Earth Roamer, it is just a little out of our price range!

    1. It was nice to visit with some snow. Those Earth Roamers are amazing. Look at the link and see what they come with! Just crazy! It would be the ultimate camper for Alaska. Sadly, out of our price range too.

  4. I wondered what the Fairyland Trail was like. Will definitely have to go back and hike it someday...and visit Red Rock Canyon. Just never enough time to see it all! Great post, thanks!

    1. All the trails are so beautiful. I'd still come back when it's a bit warmer again.

  5. Gorgeous hikes! My knees give me trouble if there's too much down hill in a row, but I think a mix of terrain is okay. Do you use hiking poles? Your photo of the snow through the window is a keeper :-)

    1. No I don't use poles. So much beautiful scenery!

  6. Amazing pictures with the hoodoo's and the snow. We loved the hikes in Bryce, but the climb out at the end was a killer.

    1. There are still more hikes we'd like to do there.


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