"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Sunday, May 31, 2020

May 2020 Still in Lockdown in Monterey, CA

Monterey, CA
Monterey Elks Lodge

As we go through May, the lockdown continues.  So we continue our fun here in beautiful Monterey with more kayaking, bike rides and hikes.  And of course Jaxon time!
We started out with some kayaking in the Monterey Bay Marina.  To get to the marina we put in at one of the beaches around the jetty.  As we paddled around the point some of the seals there were very curious about us and slid into the water to check us out.  It was so funny to watch them bobbing up and down following us.

Friendly Guys!
Plenty of large fishing ships here.

This is the backside of the pier.
This guy is pretending to be Superman.
Sunbathing seals.
There were a couple other kayakers and paddleboarders.
Some folks live on their boats.

We paddled under the docks and piers and there were brightly colored starfish and barnacles.
As we paddled back our "friends" followed along again.
I took Ryan and Diana out for a ride too.

We drove our bikes further down the Monterey Bike Trail and rode several miles down from where we left off before.
Every so often we'd get off and hike along the bluffs overlooking the Pacific.

Brennan was our second to get married.  Due to Covid their wedding plans were cancelled.  They decided to go ahead with the wedding but instead of having it in the forest with 200 people, they decided to have it at my parents with just immediate family.  We were so bummed for them, but it was still very special. 
We all stayed, masked, several feet away with plenty of Purel.  They exchanged vows and then we all left.  We couldn't even hug them!

Mr. and Mrs. Brennan and Alex McCormack!!
It was less than 30 minutes and then back to Monterey we drove.

I met up with my friend Chris at San Juan Batista and we walked around the town and had an outdoor picnic lunch.

We walked around the old mission which has beautiful grounds.  The buildings were closed but you could walk the grounds.

Spring blooms were everywhere!

Somebody is getting chubby!
There was plenty of hiking and beach time too.

Plenty of lazy days at the beach, just down the road from where they live.
One day we drove along the coast in Carmel and looked at all the gorgeous billion dollar homes.  I liked the curvy roof on this one.

This retro home is built over the rocks.  What a view!

We talked Ryan and Diana into taking a "date" day.  First time without baby and we'd babysit.  We walked him all around "our" neighborhood while he slept through it all.  It sure feels weird being in the same place during this weird time.  We take walks through the hillsides with all the beautiful landscaping, overlooking the Monterey Bay.  We're lucky to have this place to hunker down, but it still feels so strange.

One of our favorite paddles was in the Elkhorn Slough.  It was much wider than I thought but protected from the high winds.  There were so many seals, otters, pelicans and other birds.  We were pleasantly surprised.  I'd definitely come back here and even drive further down to paddle other sections.  
I really LOVE Pelicans!
Plenty of Pelicans and a Photobombing Seal at the end.

Hey Hey!  Social Distancing, move over!
Momma and Baby otters all over  They just floated on by us.
Otters Floatin' By!

In the Moss Landing Harbor there were more seals and otters.
Crazy Kids Jumping off the Dunes

Later in the month Chris came back down with Debbie and we did some hiking.  There isn't much inland here and it's fairly flat but we found a trail at Manzanita Park.  Here is a view at the high point.
We also found a geocache.  Debbie's first time.  It was in the 90s and super hot so we cut our hike short and ate our lunch back at the trucks in the shade.

We've been here almost 3 months and Covid is getting worse.  Since our son runs a skilled nursing acute rehab hospital and they are starting to get infected staff and patients, we decided it would be best to move on.  We feel bad leaving them but it's best for all of us.

We drove through more wine country and decided to stay at a Thousand Trails in nearby Paicines.  We had our black tank crack and we needed to stay nearby while the new tank is on order.  Since the crack is on the top of the tank it isn't a problem.  Besides, we have FHU where we're going.  I'm also looking forward to spending time doing some hiking in the Pinnacles National Monument.  I haven't been there since Steve an I were dating.