"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Monday, August 23, 2021

Our Last Days in Colorado on Our Way Back to California

Del Norte, Colorado
City Park

Before spending our last days in Colorado in Durango we drove through Del Norte to spend the night at their City park.  It's a very small town but they allow overnighting at the park.  It's got a very large green lawn under the trees that you can pull along the Rio Grande River.

The Rio Grande has some beautiful fishing spots.  I couldn't resist and caught a nice Rainbow Trout.
We walked over to Three Barrel Brewing for some pizza and a tasting.

When we woke up the next morning we were lakeside due to a large water main break in front of us. I called the town and they were over quickly to shut it off. We were on our way a few hours later.

Driving to Durango on Rt.160 takes you over Wolf Creek Pass at 10,856 ft.  There are a few avalanche tunnels and beautiful scenery.
Avalanche Tunnel

It's sad to see how many dead trees there are to the pine bark beetles in this area.
One of the crazy steep run-away truck pull outs.

Looking down the valley on the other side coming up to Pagosa Springs.

Durango, Colorado
La Plata County Fairgrounds
We had a spot at the fairgrounds with W/E $26.
While here we took a bike ride along the Animas River to town along the old railroad tracks.

We split some appetizers at Animas Brewing and biked back.  Our last couple days we just relaxed.
We took 140/170/371 south through Farmington, New Mexico.  There was some traffic on our way to Gallup so we took a cutoff on a lesser road and enjoyed the scenery.

Viewing Shiprock in the distance at 7178 elevation is quite a sight.

Of course since we just washed the truck and trailer in Colorado, we see rain on the horizon that was not expected.  It was over by time we reached it but the roads were completely wet.

Love the view of all the rocks.

Gallup, New Mexico

This park in Gallup is pretty nice for a stopover.  Full hookups for $37.  A little pricey but there isn't much to choose from out here.  The nearby casino doesn't allow overnights stays any more.
A full tan of gas later and we were on the road and crossing into Arizona before you know it.

It was too early to check in to the campground so we drove into Winslow and had our favorite breakfast at the Turquoise Room in the La Posada Hotel.
Arizona Green Chili Eggs over Polenta
Beef Machaca Chilaquilas
Back across I-40 is Homolovi State Park.  We got a nice pull-through with W/E, $30.
It was a great sunset and we enjoyed watching the sunset and night sky.

The next morning we drove back through Winslow and "The Corner" on our way to Surprise.

It was a beautiful drive and all the rains from the monsoons made the desert insanely green.

Surprise, Arizona
Happy Trails RV Park
As we approach Surprise where we'll spend the next 2 weeks the weather was scorching hot at 107!
We can't rent the spot we used to anymore but we were lucky to get one with short notice.  We didn't do much except spend time with Steve's step-mom and help out as we usually do.
We did go to a Jurassic Park Outdoor Exhibit.  You just drove through and when you reached each dinosaur there would be a sign with all the info about that particular dinosaur.  Most of them moved and made sounds as you drove past.  This would be really great for younger kids

And that wrapped up our last couple of weeks.  Tomorrow we'll be in California early to help out with my parents and visit some friends and our grandson along the way.