"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Friends Joining Us in Apache Junction with Rented RV's

Apache Junction, AZ
Lost Dutchman State Park 

It's the beginning of April and our friends had rented RV's to join us here at Lost Dutchman for a few days.  Rick & Angie have their own 5th wheel, Mike & Rose rented a pull behind trailer and Ron & Kathleen flew in from Hawaii and rented another motorhome.  My brother and his wife joined us also.  We've been friends for 40+ years! 
Me, Rick, Angie, Kathleen, Ron, Steve, Rose & Mike.
This park never gets old for us.  The views from any site are fantastic!
Site 103
Flatiron in the upper right.
We enjoyed some pretty sunsets and a moonrise.

We all hiked up towards Flatiron.  Some made it just past The Thumb, and Ron & Kathleen hung in with me up to The Bowl.

Friends since the Airforce.
With the extra rain, there was a decent amount running down the waterfall and into a clear pool.

We shared the trail with this beautiful Palomino and his companion.
Another day we spent some time walking around the museum and church.

The Stamp Mill.
I think Rose got a little overheated out here in the desert  ;-)
We also walked through the old ghost town of Goldfield and bought some fudge.

We popped in the saloon for some lunch.
You can't beat the view!  You can actually see most of the trail up to Flatiron.  No switchbacks, it's straight up.  The last mile alone you climb 2000 feet.  You can see Thumb in the almost-middle.  In the upper half, if you notice the dark line straight up, that is the draw.  That is the "trail"!  Straight up!  Then you walk the only straight part once you climb the Wall and walk to the right to the top of Flatiron.
I don't know what happened to my videos, but I had some of this guy playing the fiddle and singing songs about us that rhymed with our names.  They were hilarious!!  And a little "R" rated!!

I had fun making some signature cocktails for the gals.  The one above was made with Roasted Marshmallow Vodka, Cream and a Gram cracker rim.
This one is an Italian Spritz.  I also made one with Limoncello and cream that was yummy and pretty too!
The weather continued to be warm, cold, sunny, stormy.  It sure made for some pretty cloud cover over the Superstitions and some incredible rainbows!

We took more hikes around camp and enjoyed each others company.

I had never seen this small plant with tiny round yellow balls on it here before.  Turns out it is very invasive and they are trying their best to get rid of it.  Not sure how.

Until my brother moved to a spot next to the rest of us, we made the best of it and had some fires at his place as he really had an extra incredible view and more space.

How could you not enjoy the Supes to one side and the Four Peaks off in the distance?  I got lucky with the sun setting and turning them soft pink.

They may be invasive, but they sure are pretty!  Oh, and they start to stink when they get to the end of their bloom cycle.

Rick had a birthday so we all celebrated with some cake.  We all got him some bear spray for our trip to Alaska next month.
Happy Birthday Rick!

More incredible rainbows!

One last stormy hike in the rain...
And one last rainbow came out to say farewell.  

Some drove back to California, some flew back to Hawaii, and we were headed over to Alamo Lake State Park with my brother for a week.  The weather is supposed to get warmer which will be nice.  We still have so spend a couple more weeks here in Arizona before Steve can travel after
 his latest eye surgery.