"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Thursday, April 30, 2020

April 2020 - Lockdown in Monterey, CA

Monterey, CA
Monterey Elks Lodge

Shortly after we arrived, California went on Covid lockdown so we decided to stay put and enjoy our time with our new grandson.  We were really looking forward to exploring Monterey and the aquarium more but now everything is closed so we'll spend more outside time.  Here's how we spent the month of April.
We had this bottle of Beer Bread Mix so I wanted to make it to go with our chili.  Easy open with our mounted bottle opener. --OOPS--  They failed to mention it may explode upon opening.  Flour went everywhere!  Even on Hurley's face.  He was not amused.

The bread came out pretty good.
The seals have their babies on these beaches each year, almost at the exact same time of year.  Researchers come out with binoculars and record the babies.

One of the seals birthed at the waters edge.  Let me tell you, those seagulls know all about it.  As soon as the afterbirth comes out it's every bird for themself and it's cleaned right up.

We'd come down every few days and watch them be born.  Pretty awesome.

Our friend follows us around.

The flowers keep us oo-ing and aa-ing.  The deer ignore us all and just graze through the parks.

While we were in Arizona with Curt and Glenda, we brought home some Italian Beef from a restaurant and froze it so we could make it for Ryan & Diana.  It was delicious!
On my birthday our daughter stopped by to drop some flowers off for me.  Since she works in the Trauma unit she wouldn't stay though (Covid).  It was nice to see her and the flowers were very pretty. Thank you Kaylee! We don't have vases in the trailer so I got creative with a Malibu Rum bottle.  It was almost empty so I made myself a birthday drink and cut the top off.

There's a nice bike trail that runs along the coast for miles.  We rode it north towards Carmel.  Unfortunately only residents could enter (Covid) so we turned back and rode a bit further along the south towards the aquarium.
Great views the entire way.  The trail is open as long as you are riding, walking or moving.  No stopping, picnicking or loitering during the lockdown.
When you get to the downtown area, there are murals on many of the buildings painted with the fishing and shipping history of the area.
Fishing Trawlers.
After dinner we had a nice fire outside and some wine.  The best part was a visit from the kids and Jaxon.

They brought over a locally made specialty honey cake.  It was very good and vey rich.
I loved my present the best!
Another day we rode our bikes north, past Monterey and Seaside to the dunes.
Monterey Bay and the backside of the pier.

It was another great day!
We had a nice sunny day after several rainy days so we took a drive down Hwy 1 for a day trip.

The famous coastline is just gorgeous.  Wish we would've thought to stay for sunset.  Every now and then we'd see a couple on chairs with wine waiting for the sun to sink below the water.

California State Flower, The Poppy.

On the way home we passed the lighthouse on military land and stopped for a few pictures.

And the famous bridge seen in many movies.
More walks along the shore on the boardwalk trails.  Jaxon slept through most of it.

Popular spot for jumping.
                                               I thought this was a cute picture.  Fussy boys.

Walking along the Monterey Pier.

I love these tennis ball sized flowers!

Some of these succulents are huge!

What a cool car.

Love this little guy!
Steve and I when Ryan (Jaxon's Daddy) was 1 month old.
Happy 1 Month Birthday Sweet Jaxon!
Meanwhile since our son Brennan and his fiance, Alex, are both out of work as Dental Hygienists, he decided to learn the accordion.  He's playing my Gramma's accordion which was custom made for her as a teen.  She used to play at parties and Italian events and, of course, at our family gatherings.  If she were still alive, she'd be 100.  Brennan, Nonna would be proud!!