"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Finally Released & Two Crazy Weeks to Prepare for Alaska!!

Apache Junction, Arizona
Lost Dutchman State Park 

-- As of this writing, 5/29/24, we have been in British Columbia and Yukon Territory for just over a month.  Since we've been out of cell range most of this time, I am very behind in my blog postings.  Hopefully once we arrive in Alaska in a couple of days, I'll slowly catch up.--
We had another week before Steve's, hopefully, final eye check.  If he gets released, we'll head straight back home.  This will postpone our departure for our Alaska Trip about 2 weeks.  Otherwise, we'll still be here in Pheonix.
We went back to Lost Dutchman as it is closest to his doctor.
Still beautiful weather.  Strangely cool though.  
At least we got to cross paths with Ron & Rene once more this year.  We had some nice dinners and hiked a bit.
I think this is the same guy that flies around the campground each year.
Rene and Rufus on one last hike.

We then drove down to Eloy to spend a quick couple of days with Curt and Glenda.  We originally were going to have a week together, but that darn eye problem really cut our plans back.
We just visited and walked around looking at all the beautiful cactus that were blooming.  That's the bonus to being here later than we usually are in April.

Finally, Steve's eye had healed enough for us to leave. Woo-Hoo!  We visited with Bunny once more then headed back to Placerville.  It's been a couple of months that I have been driving so it was weird to have Steve back in the driver's seat.  He was happy about it!
We spent our first night boondocked out in Quartzite and had a great spot just off the highway.  The sliver of moon was just beautiful.

Lovely evening.
Then we drove to Wasco in California for an Elks Lodge overnight.  
Once closer to home the grasses were green, the cows were out and about and things were blooming.

We had a quick visit with all the kids but only got pictures with Kaylee.  We also checked in on her cats when she left for a vacation.
This crazy gal gave us a heart attack when she jumped up on a second story banister and then rolled around on it!
Our last visit was with my Mom and Uncle Danny.  Great to see him as it's been a year or so.  We only had 2 weeks to get everything done before leaving for Alaska so we had no time to visit with friends.

Those two weeks flew by as we worked all day and into each evening.  We had to clean out the trailer, pack out our Alaska clothes/stuff and clean it out.  We then parked it at a nice storage facility further up in the mountains so it wouldn't be sitting outside in 90s/100s.  It gets much cooler the further up "the hill" you go.  So we feel better that it'll be in the 80s.

We then had everything all over my Mom's garage as we finished up some little jobs in the camper and loaded it.  Thankfully we have great friends that came over to help remove the kayak rack and receiver.  Those are heavy tasks and Steve still wasn't supposed to lift much weight.  The truck box also had to come out and be stored.  Rick and Mike were a great help!  Mike also helped swap out the old generator with the new one.  No easy job!

We were exhausted each day but finally got it all done and headed out on April 25!  We were SO excited!  We'll meet up with Rick and Angie for the rest of the trip just over the border.  We will return in October once the snow pushes us out!!  So much to see and do!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

YELLOW at Alamo Lake, Arizona

Alamo, Arizona
Alamo Lake State Park
There was a week before Steve's final eye check to see if we could finally head back home to prepare for our Alaska Trip.  We joined my brother and sister-in-law back at Alamo Lake.
The Alamo Dam is 283 feet deep and the dam is 970 feet long.

We were here before and really enjoyed this time of year.  It's warm and the Brittlebush was in full bloom, carpeting the entire area in yellow!
Our site in the E Loop.  No utilities but closer to the lake and much more private.
My brother's site across from us.

Since poor Steve can't fish, hike or even ride in the kayak, my brother and I went fishing while he took walks around the camp loops.
There's lots of brush in the water which makes great fishing.
We caught several Large Mouth Bass.

The Cranes and wild donkeys were everywhere.

Loud Fellow!
Love those yellow feet!
Beautiful sunsets to enjoy after Diane got finished working and dinner was over.

The area around here is full of off-road trails.  We had a blast riding around and trying to get to the other side of the river.

We could get through the smaller areas, but not across the river itself.  We didn't want to get stuck like these guys.

Stuck in the mud with a broken axle.

We stopped in at a little cafe/bar in the middle of nowhere out here for a drink.
A nice drive up to the top of a hill with a great view.
Love the view!

Some mines are scattered around.

We came across a memorial for someone.

There are tons of boondocking areas around this part of the lake.  Many you can park right next to it.  It can be tricky getting a bigger rig out here but some do.  It's a very long way down some sketchy dirt roads that can get narrow in parts.
Sea of yellow!


The donkeys were all around and we saw many of them.
Plenty of cattle free-ranging.
A large bull too!

We had a lot of time to explore and visit with Steve and Diane.  Many great meals too.  
It's time to say good-bye to them until next year when we hope to meet up on the East Coast.  For now, they head to Utah and we will visit with Curt and Glenda, Ron & Rene and once more with Bunny.