"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Best Boondocking Birthday!

Hanksville, UT

One of our favorite new boondocking sites!  Lee checked out an area around the bluff from the state park and found this great spot!
While there are a lot of people out here along the bluff, everyone is very far apart.  We had this nook all to ourselves with fantastic views all around!  I have to remind myself how lucky we are to live this kind of lifestyle and see these special places.
 Getting level was a bit tricky but we all found a spot that worked.
  It was Hurley Approved too. 
The weather was fantastic and we just spent the day lounging in the sun.
 Hurley promptly raided the firepit for a toy.
 Just beautiful out here!
 Jack liked Hurley's rug too.

Cori and I did some investigating behind us in a hidden crevice that Lee had found.  We climbed up as far as we could go.
 Looking back down you could see Greg and Cori's rig in the crack.  Hurley waited below.
 It really warmed up and Hobie went for the shade.  Of course he preferred the red dirt over the blanket.  Keeping the pooches clean out here is a never ending chore.
On the other side of the crevice was this fantastic cave.  We thought, WOW, lets have our fire back in here.  Lee brought his propane firepit and we all brought our chairs for later.
 Don't get to close to the Nook or it'll getcha!
 Hobie and Jack chillin.
 We watched the moon rise and the birds float by and made plans for my birthday hike tomorrow!
Trace pointed out how fun it is that most of the time all of us are with someone to celebrate birthdays.  This time is was my turn.  They planned a great slot canyon hike for tomorrow (my actual birthday) and a special pot roast meal for tonight!

 Trace made a delicious potroast in her Instapot and Cori made some yummy garlic bread.
 We feasted and then it was desert time!  Brownies by Trace and ice cream by Cori!
 Improvised candle by Steve.

 Time to move over to the Cave for our fire.
 What a spot, right?
 Cori and Trace.
 Lee and Greg.
We just love these propane firepits.  Just the right size and nice adjustable flame.  Perfect for those times you can't have a wood fire due to fire bans or you want to have your fire somewhere else! Thanks Dino for the tip on the firepit!
 Looking out of our cave.  A beautiful nightfall.
Thanks guys for making my birthday special!
Tomorrow we do a gorgeous 10 mile hike in a slot canyon loop!


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