"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Back to CA for a new Fridge!

Coloma, CA
Thousand Trails

Back to California we go to get our new Norcold refridgerator put into the rig.  It's been on order for some time and we continued on our trip to Nevada as it's only an hour drive back to Placerville.
The view of all the ranch land along Hwy 88 just before crossing over into California.
It should only be an hour drive for us.  As soon as we start to climb the east side of the Sierra's we come to a standstill.  It took a half hour before the fire department and ambulances started to show up.

Turns out a truck somehow flipped and went over the side.  At least it was the mountains side and not the cliff side!  We heard the driver as ok.

October is beautiful in the mountains as the fall colors starts.

Once we get moving and come over the pass we see smoke in the distance towards Placerville.  Ugg.

We arrive at the Thousand Trails in Coloma just outside of Placerville and the air is clear here.
The American River


 A painted rock left behind at our site.  How did they know Steve was coming?
And after all these weeks we have a brand new fridge!  Covered by our extended warranty!
This gave us a few days to see my parents again and our friends, Mike and Rose.  Both Steve and Mike have birthdays in October so we had cake to celebrae!

We also got to see our daughter too which is difficult as she works in the Trauma Unit and works 16 hour shifts, swing and grave.  She doesn't have a lot of time off.
We went to Old Town Sacramento for lunch at the wharf next to the Delta King.
Kaylee, Steve and I.

Sacramento's famous skyline.
The smoke from that wildfire has made its way to us today.  Glad we leave in the morning.
Steve made up a great batch of Chili Verde for dinner.

We leave the campground and head up Highway 50 towards lake Tahoe.  Still smokey.
More beautiful color along the American River as we head up the mountain.
Strawberry Lodge.
Christmas Valley over the edge, Lake Tahoe on the other side.

Stateline which separates California from Nevada.  All the casinos are on the other side in Nevada.

This tunnel always makes us a little nervous driving through.  Next up we celebrate more birthdays and help out our friends at the Italian Festival in Reno, Nevada.


  1. That is one scary accident. You are right, they were lucky it was not on the other side of the road. Congrats on the new fridge and having it covered by your warranty is truly a bonus!

    1. Yes, very glad the warranty covered it. Not without a struggle of course!

  2. Love those Sierras! The water and trees all look so wonderful. Bet it was nice to get that fridge replaced :-) October was another world wasn't it?

    1. Yes, October was! Love having the fridge back.

  3. Love the beer rock. It's hard when our kiddos have work commitments but glad you got to visit with Kaylee for a bit.


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