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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Something New and a Couple Old Things - AZ

Surprise, Arizona
Happy Trails Resort

(a reminder this blog is from 2019)

It was Steve's birthday (starting a NEW decade!) and he really wanted to go to one of those Hibachi style restaurants where they cook in front of a table of several people.
We shared a table at the Sakura Sushi Teppan with another couple that was celebrating a birthday too.  Turns out, her and Steve had the same birthday.

Birthday Girl was on the right and visiting from New York.
We ordered a birthday desert for us and them.  It was a nice dinner.

And now for some OLD. We don't usually get much time out while we're in Surprise so this time we decided to check out some different locations in the Phoenix area.

We have never visited the Vulture City Mine which is only a half hour or so away so we decided to take a drive.
It was $10 admission to get in and walk around the grounds.  The Vulture mine began in 1863 when Henry Wickenburg, a prospector from California's gold rush,  discovered a quartz outcropping containing gold. The mine was named Vulture City. The town had a population of several thousand with a brothel, mess hall, and post office. 

Old Wells Fargo Bank

The Brothel

Many of the buildings have been rebuilt.

The Hanging Tree

The bullion was kept below ground in this hole.

Hurley wasn't afraid of any of the supposed ghosts that hang around.  He sure loved the green grass.

My Grampa used to own a Flying Ace Gas Station.

It was hot but we really enjoyed the mine and the stories the staff told us.  They have done a great job with the grounds. 
After the mine tour we drove down the road to the Verde Flat Cemetery.  There are several unmarked graves.

This is the only marked grave in the cemetery.  The Boy Scouts have placed white crosses on the other graves.  There are also many unmarked graves.  Valencia died of Diptheria.

On the way back we came upon this sharp right turn.  Think they have enough signs?  
We also stopped at this memorial sign we spotted on the way in.
Then out of the corner of my eye there was this creation just off the side of the road in the middle of the desert.  Funny, but creepy too!

We also took a stroll through Wickenburg.  While we pass through it constantly, we've never really walked through town. We window shopped and had a great lunch.  Too bad none of the museums were open.  We'll have to stop by again.

Some little sculptures around town.
Henry Wickenburg, founder of the Vulture Mine and the town of Wickenburg.

On the way out we spotted this fancy aluminum looking Tesla.  Interesting.


  1. I thought Steve's birthday was the something old and Vulture City was just something a little older! Happy Birthday Steve!

  2. Ya we be gettin’ old!! Vulture City is worth a stop.

  3. Glad I checked in, I missed the email notice of a new post! Vulture City looks like just the kind of place we love to explore!! Definitely on the list for our next time in the area. I always appeciate good signage and information on what we're looking at. Wouldn't have any doubt there was a curve ahead in that spot :-))) Desert folks build the strangest things to leave for others to see in the stangest places......so fun!

  4. Fun place and the new owners are doing a great job restoring and improving it!


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