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Friday, October 11, 2019

The Great Italian Festival in Reno, NV

Reno, Nevada

Shamrock RV Park


We arrived in Reno to join our friends John and Tina for the Great Italian Festival held each year.  John participates in the Sauce Contest.  We used to sell our olive oil here but this time we are just helping John out.


It was not easy to find a campground in Reno that wasn't crazy priced.  Tina suggested the Shamrock RV Park.  It was one of the closest to the festival which was great as John started cooking really early in the morning.  It was $34 for FHU.  Not bad at all.  The park was very clean and while snug, had nice landscaping and was quiet for only being 3 miles from all the casinos.

Judy, Kevin, Steve, John, Norm, Jason and Tina. 
That first night we all went out to dinner to celebrate Steve, John & Kevin who all were turning 60!  Tina and I picked out some T-shirts for the birthday boys!

 The next morning we decorated their booth with a birthday theme added.
Tina does a greag job on the decorating.   It's all about John's family from Pico, Italy.

John had done most of the hard work.  Now the sauce was simmering.

The morning was off to a great start with Bloody Mary's and Mimosa's.

The place was packed.  So much fun Italian goings on, food, wine, games, music and contests.
The guys got so much attention with their birthday shirts!  People would come up to them and high five them and ask to take pictures with them like they were movie stars!  They even scored some free jugs of vino!
That evening after the festival we walked around the town and the river.  The weather was perfect fall weather and the colors were beautiful.

The Truckee River.
There are many gardens and sculptures along the river walk.

Some lovely churches too.
The doors on this church reminded me of the famous bronze doors of the Gates of Paradise on The Baptistry in Florence, Italy.

Very pretty inside as well.
We had a great several days with friends in Reno and now we meander through southern Nevada to explore some areas we haven't seen on our way to Arizona.


  1. Love the T-shirts! Looks like you guys had a great time at the festival. I bet that brought back some memories of selling your olive oils there.

    1. The shirts were a hoot! Always live a good Italian get together.

  2. Great times, great friends, great fun! That's what life is all about!!


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