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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Back to Butte, Montana & Mining History

Anaconda, Montana
Big Sky RV Park

It's only a 30 minute drive from Anaconda to Butte.  There is so much to see and do in Butte.   Our Lady of the Rockies, The Berkley Pit, The Brothel Museum, Evil Knievel's Grave, Historic Homes and many breweries and distilleries.

The mining history in Butte is all over.  A good start is to go to the Berkley Pit. For a few dollars you can visit the small visitor center and walk the tunnel to an overlook of the pit with lots of great info.

The "Steve's" in the tunnel.
The Pit.

I found this particular fact fascinating!  I can't imagine all the tunnels under ground here.

400 pounds of copper.
Further up the road is the Mining Memorial.
So somber and so much life lost here in these mines.

Looking back down the mountain at the Berkley Pit.

There were miners that came here to work from all parts of the world.

You will see mines, some still working, all over the mountain sides here.

After touring around the mines we walked through town and tried to go on the underground tour that we enjoyed on a previous visit, but it was closed.  So we walked around and enjoyed the murals, old brick buildings and looked for a brewery to get something to drink and something to eat.

We found a nice brewery and rested up a bit. 

Then we drove to a couple of the most largest mansions in town.  One was closed but we were able to tour through on our own the other.  Just gorgeous architecture.

Beautiful tile work, stained glass and wallpapering.

As kids we loved watching Evil Kninevel so we brought my brother to view his grave.

After a full day in Butte, we went back to camp and fished for a bit. 
A caught a pretty Brown.
There is actually a small State Park in Anaconda at the old smelter.

Not much to see and you can't go in.  They have a small display where you can see the stack in the distance.

We have been to Anaconda twice now and just love it.  So much to do and see.  Beautiful part of the state.  We'd come back again.  We'll be heading to see some ghost towns tomorrow.


  1. Butte reminds me of Leadville Colorado a little bit. We are going to have to check out that area. Nice fish.

    1. Yes it does remind me of Leadville, but smaller.

  2. The map of the mines is mind boggling! It's quite amazing that so many tunnels can exist underground like that. Definitely takes the right kind of person to be able to perform that type of work. I know I couldn't do it...

    1. I couldn't believe it either! You wouldn't get me underground either. Yikes!

  3. Can't imagine working so far down in mines, sure wouldn't be for me. Love touring old houses, looks like you found a nice one to visit.

    1. Claustrophobia for sure! Those two mansions were the 2 wealthiest families at the time.

  4. You had me a "Breweries". The mines, historic buildings and fishing are just bonuses!

    1. It's a fun town with so much to do and see!


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