"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Monday, July 9, 2018

Where are We? Land of Trees, Cheese & Ocean Breeze

Cloverdale, Oregon
Webb County Park

It's kind of fun zigzagging from the warmer inland areas and then going back to the much cooler, almost cold, coast of Oregon.  There were about three areas we wanted to cover along the coast so we chose Webb County Park in Cloverdale/Cape Kiwanda.  It's a very small tourist community right on the beach.
We are in Tillamook County, land of cheese, trees and ocean breeze!
The temperatures were climbing into the low 90s in Salem and here they are in the low 70s with a strong breeze.
Webb County Park is a very small park with a playground and 30 campsites.  About 1/3 of them have water and electric with a central dump station.  It is right on the main road, but not easy to find!  We should've listened to our truck's GPS when it said to turn on and unmarked street that looked more like the rear parking lot to the ocean front hotel.  But no.  We drove passed it, sure that we'd see another sign directing us to Webb County Park.  So far, there were a couple of them as we turned off Hwy 101.  Well they forgot to put one at the crucial turn.  We had to drive out of town and find a place to turn around.  When we came back to said turn, we practically stopped in the intersection and thought "Maybe that's it? What do you think?"  I said TURN, we'll just go with it. We were worried that if we turned into a small hotel parking lot we wouldn't get back out.  But then we saw it!  A tiny sign way down behind the parking lot that said Webb County Park.  They really do need a couple of more signs.  One on the main road would be so helpful.
We had reserved campsite #3.  This side has the hookups and backs up to a private campground.  Things were clean and had some decent spacing.  $31 a night.  Great Verizon.  It'll do.  The camp host was very nice and there were a few spots always open too.  I'd say check it out if you need to be on this part of the coast.  There are several very nice county parks in this county alone.  Some are large and some small.  Webb and Wood are very small and not very easy to get ahold of someone if you want to ask questions.

Here is the coordinates and address if you are interested.
There is a small street(?) that hooks behind this hotel.  The park is behind it and to the left.  The hotel is the only thing separating it front a beach view.
It was getting later in the day, but we wanted to check out the beach at Cape Kiwanda and dip our toes in the ocean.  Across the street is one of the few restaurants and pub.  And no, we never did go there!

You are allowed to drive down on the beach during daytime hours.  There were some pretty good sized rigs down there though we'd never try it. It is a very pretty beach with an offshore rock, sand dunes and sandstone point.
This is Haystack Rock.  What,  you say?  There are actually three Haystack Rocks in Oregon.  While this is the tallest at 340.6 feet, it is less popular than the one at Cannon Beach where a scene from the movie, Goonies, was filmed.  The third is in Coos Bay.
There were quite a few folks climbing up the giant dune and running and sliding down it.  We got really lucky with the weather.  We had sunshine the entire time with just a little evening sprinkle once and one very windy day.
Always windy on the beach.  Many kites being flown.

This area is a wildlife refuge so there is no going onto Haystack Rock which sits a mile offshore.

Toe dippin' time.

A brave paddle boarder.
The sun was going down and it was getting cold so we headed indoors to warm up.

We got up early the next morning to walk on the beach and get some pictures with brighter light.
Haystack Rock

No one out here this early.  We had the place to ourselves.
Since no one was out, we let Hurley off leash for a bit so he could get his crazy on.  He runs SO fast!

What a happy pooch!
Whatever this flower was it was all over.  Very pretty.  Today was forecasted to be very windy so I stayed mostly inside while Steve worked. 
This is the view out our back window.  We are right up against a private RV park.  You can barley make out a shadow on the fence.  That is the backside wall of our neighbors fire pit.  I can't believe he decided to burn his trash with the wind this crazy!  Of course it meant we had to close all of our windows for a couple of hours. :-(
Almost forgot to mention the local bunnies.  They are everywhere and so cute.  They will come right up to you and love it if you toss them a carrot or some lettuce or apple.  Park management said it is ok.  Hurley didn't even seem to mind them.  But he would've loved to chase them if he had the chance.
We had the day planned to drive south to Newport .  Along the way we stopped at some of the cute small seaside towns.  Steve was looking forward to some seafood at Moe's Seafood & Chowder.

We had a nice lunch with a view and walked around the low tide for a while.

 So far we are enjoying the day.  Next up is the rest of our time in Newport.  Whales, beer, and a surprise visit to some old friends.


  1. Nice post. Wonderful views. Wish we could have spent more time in OR. Great you could zig zag across the state. You find the coolest parks.

    1. There's always another year. I'm sure we'll go back another time in the future. Check out the county parks some time. They're usually pretty great!

  2. We just left the Oregon Coast and headed north. Yes, it is hot in Seattle as well. Hope the haze and smoke clears for you along the coast. Check out our stops on the coast. a2zandback.com.

    1. Hi Craig, I just checked out some of your blog. We're no longer in Oregon, we had to come back to CA for a family emergency. Doubt we'll get back to Oregon or Washington this year. Enjoy!

  3. Love the Oregon coast! The pucker factor must have kicked in trying to find that campground. We enjoyed a brew at the Pelican Pub. Safe travels!

    1. The coast is pretty. There would be no way to know that campground was there unless you already knew it. Very strange.

  4. Years ago we went to Pelican Brewery, can't remember if Dave liked it. Government-state, county or city parks are our choice if we can find them where we want to be.

    1. We love them too. Usually great prices in good locations!


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