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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Three Weddings and a Whale - Oregon

Cloverdale, Oregon
Webb County Park

We were up early for our 60 mile drive down the coast to Newport.  We just popped in and out of small seaside towns and pull outs.  We didn't have much in mind.  We just really wanted to see some whales.
We drove through towns like Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Otter Rock and Agate Beach.
We had watched Dave and Dianne's pictures of whales and we had hoped to see some.  Never have I ever seen a whale on the coast and I grew up not too far from Santa Cruz.  Whoa, were we excited at a pullout when a guy told us about some whales that were hanging out and where to see them.
See the little spout?  I know not too impressive on a picture but it sure was in person!
Got it! Look in the middle, left.
Tail flip!
This pull out was so pretty.  A yellow carpet of dandelions and shore pictures.
Plein air painters were everywhere.  That is French for painting outdoors.

I loved this old bridge.

Ha, ha, I've seen signs like this before.  They crack me up.

Colorful buoys make wonderful tree decorations.
Here we are at Devils Punchbowl. They say it was probably created by the collapse of the roof over two sea caves, then shaped by wave action.

Surf's Up!

Once we got into Newport itself we were starving!  We found a nice place to eat some seafood.  Problem was there is almost no parking, especially for a dually truck.  We had to park about 1/2 mile away up a very steep road.  Good exercise, right?  While we were eating a Quinceanera went by.
A ranger at one of the lighthouses recommended we eat at Local Ocean.  It had a nice open front and we got a great spot at the open window. We could see the ships right out front at the wharves.

We walked on a couple of them and see how much it would cost for some crab or tuna fresh off the boats.  Well it's expensive.  Unless you find someone else to split it with, you get a WHOLE fish.  That was about $160.  You couldn't just get a few steaks.  We passed.  Our freezer is not that big!

Then we crossed over the bridge to visit the Rogue Nation Brewery. When you go to their site it asks if you are over 21. If you pick Yes, you go on to the site.  If you pick No, it takes you to a Disneyland site!  Pretty funny!

We took the tour which included a couple samples of beer.  There was a Bachelorette group that joined us.
They had a cute little train that took you to their distillery after the beer tour.  There wasn't enough room so we chose to walk.  More exercise, right?

Inside they showed you how they make their own barrels.  Above is the platform where they char the inside of the barrel.

It was interesting to see and they had the cleanest shop I've ever seen.  Below are the staves laid out.

Then it was on to their little museum.  Displays of all the bottles they've made in the past.

At the end you got to choose one of the vodka's they make.  I wanted to try the VooDoo Maple Bacon Donut.  It was awful.  I hope when we visit the donut shop later in Portland that the real thing is much better.

Hurley getting in a little beach time.  We visited a unique Veterans Monument where a geocache was.
Afterwards I got a text from an old friend we hoped to meet up with that lives very close to here.  They weren't going to be able to meet with us as they own a bed and breakfast and hosted three weddings that day.  We understood.  But then they decided last minute that we should come over if we were still in the area.  We were just about to head home.  It was almost sunset.
This is the view off the back of their property on the deck where they perform the ceremonies.  Stunning isn't it?! 
We know Craig and Judy from San Jose back in the 80s when Steve and Craig both worked for Kodak.
They own Stone Crest Cellars B&B.  It has gorgeous grounds and the inside is beautiful.

Judy and Craig.  We joined them for some wine and watched a spectacular sunset.

They hand built this two story fireplace themselves.
It was almost 10pm and Chef Craig decided to whip us up something to eat.  It had onions, yams, shrimp, charizo and fried eggs on top.  Judy made a fresh salad and we had a little feast!  It was great catching up and before you knew it, it was past midnight.
  I know they were exhausted so we really appreciated them having us stop by.  Thanks guys!  Love your place.  If you're looking for a romantic wedding venue with great food, look them up!


  1. Great post. We were at Devil's Punchbowl too while in OR. Got an earthcache there too. Love the brewery tours. Hope we can get back that way again someday. You guys know people everywhere. Fun times. And we got to see a whale too.

    1. I saw your post on that. Look at it again, I forgot to add the video of the whale. It's up now. Seems like we do know people in a lot of places :-)

  2. Barb has relatives that live in Newport and have been there several times. We have never seen Devil's Punchbowl and will have to check that out next time!

    1. It’s a really nice city. We could’ve spent more time there.

  3. Great tail flips!!! And I really liked th Devils Punchbowl

    1. It was more impressive in person. Had I had my "real" camera I could've got some really up close shots!

  4. Great pics! Like the brewery tours too. Safe travels!


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