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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Scappoosse & VooDoo Donuts - OR

Scappoose, Oregon
Scappoose RV Park

After leaving Fort Stevens we planned on staying a couple of nights at two more campgrounds on our way to Mt. Hood.  While we passed through the town of Astoria we were bummed we didn't spend some time here.

 The town was so cute and there were many museums we passed by.  Great walking town.

 The Columbia River Maritime Museum.
Ever stay at an RV park that you can drive or fly into?  Well, Scappoose RV Park offers both.  Cool or noisy? It is small aircraft only and they just took off and landed during the day on occasion. It was also on the other end of the park.  It was actually pretty cool.
$30 for FHUs.  It is a very small campground, maybe 10 sites.  Shaded with very large trees and so-so spacing.  It was only 1/2 full when we were there.  We stayed 2 nights on our way to Mt. Hood.
 Looking down to the end of the campground.  Very nice, we'd recommend it.
We didn't spend much time at the campground  though.  We drove around to check out the town which was very cute.  It was clean and had a lot of community areas. There was a nice ball park with a memorial dedicated to all the branches of the service across from it.

 Another painted rock I picked up and will drop off at another Veterans Memorial.
Next to the County Library was this wonderful sculpture in a wading pond.  When kids or dogs walk into it calliope music starts playing.  I caught a great rainbow on one side.
You might need to turn up your speakers to hear the pretty music.

On the other side of the library is another Veterans Memorial.  This one had a great dedication to submarines in WWII.

I thought it was very interesting to learn that submarines sank more than 55% of all ships sunk.  More than surface ships, Navy air and the Air Corp combined.
The other day we took a bike ride down one of the old railrode paths.  The Crown Zellerbach Trail, known locally as the CZ Trail, follows a former logging railroad through quiet and picturesque forests in northwest Oregon. Its east end begins at Multnomah Channel and, from there, the trail continues for 25 miles on a northwest course largely paralleling the Scappoose-Vernonia Road from Scappoose to Vernonia.
There was a series of geocaches hidden along the way so we cached as we rode.  There were also tons of blackberries along the trail.  We came back later that evening to pick some to freeze for later.

 The trail starts out quite wide and trimmed.  You pass farms and fields along the way.
 It was a very hot day so we wandered close to the field to cool off in the sprinklers.
As you get closer to the river, the trail is not so well kept.  You can see where the berry bushes are overgrown and if you look further down the trail, it's only a foot or two wide.
 More farms and an osprey nest.

On our last evening we drove into Portland (about a 45 min drive) to seek out something I've been waiting for.  We hit the road just right and the traffic wasn't really that bad.
We cross over the Columbia River and drive past China Town.
And there it was!  VooDoo Donuts.  I've been reading others posts on this place and I just had to go there.  You see they make a special Maple Bacon Donut that is supposed to be to die for.  I'm in!
At first we were afraid we wouldn't find a place to park the truck as some festival just ended, but lo and behold, there was a huge spot just around the corner.  Lucky us!

There was a line, but it moved very quickly.  It is Cash Only so keep that in mind before you get into line.
I think one of the requirements is to be heavily tattooed.  Everybody that worked there was inked up.

On the way out of the building, this poster caught my attention.  It said:
This is the last taquito remaining in a 40-case box.
It is sad.  It is pathetic.  It is freezer burnt.  It is alone.
But, here it is, clinging with every last once of its being to a band
of frozen brown banana's on the very edge of its world.  Amidst the chaos,
it fights to serve its purpose.
It WILL serve its purpose.
I am the taquito. Come find me.
I later looked up the website and it was pretty amusing.  Someones website with doodles and writings and what he does for a living.
Back to the donuts.............
As soon as we got back to the truck we opened up the pretty pink box.

Oh yummy!  We got a few to last us the week.  Where's my Maple Bacon Donut?
Ahhh!  It was HUGE!  There is something definitely different about the dough.  I really liked them.  I ate mine before we crossed back over the bridge.  Good thing we don't live in Portland.  I might develop a pastry problem!
The way home was a piece of cake too.  No traffic.
A view from the bridge looking east.  You can see the large ships docked to the sides.

Back to the campground and we wait while two young fawns cross the road.

It was a busy time in Scappoose.  As we drive away we pass the Scappoose Peace Candle. It is about 50-foot-tall and was built in 1971 outside what was then the Brock Candles factory, which burned down in 1990. The land was formerly a dairy farm.  The candle was a silo covered with 45,000 pounds of red candle wax to advertise the factory.  For a time it held the Guinness Book of World Records.
Next Up:  Bees or Mt. Hood?  Easy choice!


  1. Looks like a great time. Wiah we could have spent more time in OR and WA. Those donuts look delicious too.

    1. We didn't get to do Washington since we had to hurry back home, but we'll do it again another time. We'll mostly be in SW Idaho and cross back into the SE part of Oregon before returning back to CA in Nov.

  2. Voodoo Donuts, one day we'll make it there.

  3. Interesting about the submariners. Eileen and I toured the USS Abacore, a retired experimental sub in Portsmouth, NH. Really interesting and very cramped.

    1. I'm only familiar with Pearl Harbor so this submarine information was very interesting to me.


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