"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Ahh, Mountains! or Welcome to Golden, Colorado!

Golden, Colorado
Jefferson County Fairgrounds

My heart was very happy as we drove south on I-25 and the mountains of the Front Range came into view.  Beautiful, snow capped mountains.  Ahh, mountains!  We have not seen mountains for some time!
We were stopping here for a few days to spend some time with Greg & Cori of The Restless Youngs.
There are not too many reasonably priced campgrounds in Golden that had openings.  We were lucky to get a spot at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds for $35!  Very tight parking but we had a decent spot pulled up alongside a grassy hill.  We got set up and then headed a few miles away to where Greg & Cori were.  They had made Tri-tip for us that Greg had cooking all day in his new smoker.  I think Steve had a little grill-envy.

Of course Hobie was looking cute and fluffy as always!
Cori made cornbread, mac & cheese, beans and cole slaw. What a feast after driving.  We had last seen them in April on my birthday in Arizona. We've been lucky to cross paths a couple of times a year.
Castle Rock in the South Table Mountains.  As soon as we drove in to Golden and I saw this I knew we had to hike it later.  We talked the rest of the evening and then went back to our trailer.  We'd be taking a tour of the Coors Brewery tomorrow.
The Coors Brewery in Golden is the largest single-site brewery in the world. It's located just west of Denver and still stands on the same ground where Mr. Coors opened it in 1873.
The 30 minute tour is free but you must have a ticket to get in.  A tour bus takes you to the brewery.  It should be noted that they have a strict policy on what you cannot bring on the tour.  Backpacks or bags of any kind (purses, diaper bags, computer bags, etc.) are not permitted in the brewery or on the tour. Strollers are not permitted on the tour either.
It's actually called MillerCoors now. They brew Millers, Coors, Hamm's, Blue Moon and Leinenkugel among many others.

So many large copper tanks in this building.
What?  No fresh beer tasting?  Not to worry.  We each received free tickets to taste down in the tasting room.
I always enjoy the packing section.  Here the Keystone brand was whizzing by on layered belts.

Cori and Greg
This guy is serious about his camo.  Green Croc's too, nice touch.  What was funny was that we saw him the next day at the Chili Cook Off and he was sporting the exact same outfit!

Greg, you didn't smile.  Try again.
Nope.  Once more.
Oh just forget it!

I had a Pepsi but really wanted a margarita.  So we walked through the cute downtown and found a place that was having a Happy Hour special.  I forgot the name of the place but Cori may remember?
There's Greg's smile!
Steve likes a drink called an Old Fashioned.  It's made with Whiskey or Bourbon, bitters, 1 Sugar cube, a few dashes plain water and garnished with a slice of orange and a cocktail cherry. BUT, this is no ordinary Old Fashioned.  This one is made with SMOKE.  Pretty cool and Steve loved it.  Pretty neat to watch too!  We also had a great dinner out but I forgot the name of that place too.



  1. ....hmmmmm how many Margaritas did you have?💕❤️ LOL Looks like a great time

  2. Hilarious, love the pictures of trying to get Greg to smile! We hope to catch up with them next week. Merry Christmas you to two and Hurley!

    1. It was fun. Glad you'll be able to hang out with them before the years up. Merry Christmas to you, Barb and the pooches! Hope to see you two next year!

  3. We were disappointed we didn't get to spend time in CO on our way to AZ. Good thing is we have all next summer to do some CO exploring.

    1. All summer is a good deal though! I sure miss it.

  4. Good times. Thanks so much for including us in your route. Was so great to hang with you guys....and don't take greg not smiling personal. The struggle is real!!


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