"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Iowa State High Point

Sibley, Iowa
Sam Robinson Memorial Park
Farm after farm we passed driving through Iowa.  From the center up to the far northeast corner.  The roads were in great condition and the drive was easy.  Not much traffic here.
Corn, soybeans and hogs are the main exports here in Iowa.
 We have been having great luck with county/city parks in the Midwest.
Here we are at Sam Robinson Memorial Park outside of Sibley.  It's run by the city and includes a golf course, park, city pool and picnic facilities.  Normally it's $10 to camp with water and electric, but once summer season is over, it's free.  Yay!  We've also had great success getting campsites without making reservations.  Of course the kids are back in school and camping season is over for most families.  We love this time of the year!
 #16, right on the lake!
 That's our rig on the left.
The highest point in Iowa is just a couple of miles from our campsite.  This high point is very well taken care of.  It's on land owned by the Sterlers since the 1930s.  The local 4-H and the community help take care of it also.
 Great views from the platform in the back.
 The flags were flying half mast to honor the Las Vegas victims.
 I love that they have signs up pointing to other high points in the US.  It was nice to read them and find the ones that we'd done already.
 This was one friendly kitty.  He followed us in from the parking area and all around the memorial. 
What a ham!
He even jumped up into the truck when we went to leave.  He didn't notice Hurley in his crate at first and Hurley didn't see him either.  When they did see each other they both sat up, like, WTH?!  Then the kitty took his time jumping out.  Too funny!
They have put up signs with information on the donors, the building of the high point and keeping journals of all who have signed before us. This was one of the best high points yet.
 Their property is farmed for corn and soybeans.
As the sun was setting we came across another county campground called Hawkeye Point.  We didn't know this one was here.  It's right across the street.  Very clean and nicely laid out.  It doesn't look like they get many campers.  There is a train that runs by not too far from the campground.
 Nice pavilion.
 An example of the long back in sites, most with electric and water.
 They have a new bathroom/shower building.
 Surrounded by cornfields.
This was a short but fun visit to this part of Iowa.  A few days later we crossed into Nebraska at our next stop after a drive of less than 3 hours.  We found another great county park called Walnut Creek in the town of Papillion, just outside of Omaha.  Another gem at $16 for water and 50 amp electric.  Long sites, some that have a lake view out the back.
 Site #12.
This was the first time I backed in with Steve giving me directions.  It wasn't quite as easy as he thought it would be on his part.  It also wasn't easy for me.  Maybe we'll take turns more so we both get more practice.
 View out the back window.
 We ended our time in Omaha with what else, a good steak dinner!
Next up, we visit Toto and experience our first tornado.


  1. I love all the details they've put into their high point. And with a kitty greeter and guide they get high marks!! Looks like a wonderful county park - they're often great finds :-)))

    1. Loved the cat. He actually would try to jump up into your arms. Some of the best county parks in the mid west!

  2. You sure found some sweet spots to camp! Safe travels!

    1. I guess to get you out to those areas they have to entice you somehow :-)


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