"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Colors and Waterfalls and Bison

 Grand Prismatic 
The colors of the springs that are all around are truly amazing.  They are quite deep and very, very clear.  You can see deep down into them.
This is the Madison River that runs right behind Baker's Hole Campground.  This is a famous stretch of river for fishing.  Hurley also loves to play in it when no one's around.
You actually cross over the Divide a few times in this park.

 Click below to hear this cascading waterfall that went on forever!

We did see a small brown bear, but this grizzly was actually at the Grizzly Discovery Center.

This crazy looking contraption was parked in a parking lot like they somehow drive it around.

Doug and Dotty

Unfortunately, not everyone can read as there were a few things thrown in.  I say if you throw it in you should have to go in and get it ;-)  Scalding water or not.


Again, the clarity is just amazing!  This is filled with water.

Crazy colors that nature creates!

Steve & Dotty, our photographers!


The bison were everywhere.  On the hillsides, in the roads and walking right next to your truck!

Click on this video to hear them snorting and see them go right past our truck!
Ok.  Enough Yellowstone. 
Next up we are on the lookout for SAPHIRES!


  1. Oh, I miss Yellowstone! I just love the colors in those pools. There is a trail that takes you behind the Grand Prismatic Pool and you can climb way up the hill to have a look down into the pool. It is amazing. Thanks for all the beautiful photos:)

    1. I wish I knew about that trail while we were there.

  2. Those are gorgeous pictures capturing the beauty of the park. Just wonderful.

  3. I can never get enough Yellowstone. Those are some awesome pictures. Thanks!

  4. The colors are incredible. Great Pictures!

    1. Thank you Janet, they really are amazing. What also is amazing, is we were there just last year, same time, and some things have changed. Some geysers, springs, etc are dry or different than they were last year. I figured those things took years to change.

  5. I remember my dad's photos from 1963 of Morning Glory Pool, and then how different it was when we went again a few years ago. People are compelled to throw stuff in it...how sad. It really is cool how quickly things change naturally there though, Debbie. Great post!


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