"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Nothing can be Grander than the Tetons with Friends!

Kelly, WY
Atherton Creek Campground

Coming north out of Jackson is about as impressive a sight of the Grand Tetons as you can get!  Just stunning how they rise up so jagged, majestic and magical!  If you haven't been yet, try to enter from Jackson.  It's a sight not to be missed.

The famous barns around Mormon Row.

Our friends Doug & Dotty, from Arizona, joined us for the rest of our time in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.  They brought their kayaks and we can't wait to get them in one of the beautiful lakes.
In many states there are Boat Inspection Stations.  All boats must pull over to get an inspection.  You're usually asked what body of water your boat was in last, the date and where are you going next.  While entering Idaho, this was the first time that even kayaks and canoes were included.  The are mainly looking to prevent the spread of freshwater Zebra Mussels.  Many times we had to stop in Idaho and later Wyoming and Montana.  In the Tetons and Yellowstone, besides the inspection, you had to get Non-resident Inspection Decal ($15) and a Boat Permit ($15).  Finally, on to String Lake.

String Lake was a better choice than Jenny Lake.  It's a much more narrow lake which kept the winds and waves down.  It was a gorgeous day for the water!  Crystal clear lake.  It almost connects with
Leigh Lake.  You could paddle for hours.  As such, it was quite popular with other kayaks, rafts, SUPs and lots of swimmers.

Doug and Dotty


Breathtaking views all around!

Beaver hut.

Lots of logs in the water.  Some had plants and grasses growing out of them.

A marmot (above) and ground squirrel (below).
More driving around the park meant more wildlife spottings.  These Elk were trying to get across the busy road to join the rest of the herd.

Dotty and I were standing near this very spot taking pictures just before Doug spotted this bull moose while we were enjoying our Huckleberry ice cream.  Who knows how close he actually was to us.  Glad we didn't find out!

Gotta rub the marker for Good Luck.  I do this when hiking peaks.  Does anyone else?
A drive to the top of Signal Mountain and the temperature dropped drastically.  Even a few snow flurries blew in the strong winds.

Another day we spent our time in Jackson.  What is the difference between Jackson and Jackson Hole?  Jackson is a town in the area of Jackson Hole which is the surrounding area.

The obligatory picture under the famous elk antlers.  I have one from when I was a young child and another when we took our kids there when they were small.  I wish I could add those also.
The numerous antler sheds that make up the park entrances are up to 7 years old.  They are collected by the boy scouts each Spring when the bull elk shed their antlers in the Elk Refuge area.
We took a nice stagecoach around town.

Notice the reflection of our Wells Fargo Stagecoach in the window of the Wells Fargo bank as we drive by.
Three Brilliant Minds
Sharing a bench with Einstein.  Enjoying the many cool bronze statues.

We ate dinner at the Gun Barrel Steak & Game House.  Some of the best food we had during our 2 weeks there.  I didn't get any pictures so  I borrowed these from the internet.


  And below, some random pictures.

Good Bye Tetons, On to Yellowstone!
True words!
We love being able to spend more time with our friends!


  1. Wonderful pictures and on a side not you have seen more moose in a year than Lee saw living 15 years in New Hampshire. You must be a moose magnet!! Loved the antler arches!!

    1. It's always a great place to visit. Wish I could do more hiking there.

  2. Great pictures. We will have to get to that area again. Do you have a delay when you post or do you just wait awhile. From one blogger to the next. Does it throw off the Papparazzi and stalkers?

    1. Gino, I usually like to get my post out on the day before we leave or as we arrive at the next place. I'm just very behind right now :-) I don't think we have stalkers, ha! We are on RVillage and I list where we're going to be so someone could find us if they wanted! We enjoy the company. No weirdos yet

  3. We took our Golden Retriever Jenny to her namesake lake in 2012; glad we did it when we did. :(. Sure do miss her. That was a banner day, though!

    I remember driving east out of Moran and looking in my rear view mirror, catching every glimpse I could of those mountains. I don't think there is a more spectacular view in the lower 48.

    Love the post, Debbie. Thanks for the great memories!


    1. I agree Jim. Spectacular! Glad you and Jenny made it back once more.

  4. This trip was AWESOME! The time we spent with Steve and Debbie was way too short!

    1. Our trips always go too quickly! But we sure have fun! Where are we going next?

  5. Incredible pictures!! And I hear moose love huckleberry ice cream so it's good that Doug alerted you!!

    1. It was so funny that we were commenting that we really wanted to see a bull moose and several days had passed. Then BAM, after Dotty and I came up from the river Doug nonchalantly pointed it out!

  6. Fabulous trip!! I am sooooo jealous. I may just have to leave John behind and join you two! Can't wait for your next adventure! Miss you!

    1. We miss you and John too! It was so much fun in Hope Valley! You'd love these mountains and lakes. Looking forward to Glacier this weekend!


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