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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Arrving at the Reunion Rally - Pahrump, NV

Pahrump, Nevada
Wineridge RV Resort

This week we will be in Pahrump, Nevada.  Yes, Pahrump. Some of you may have heard of or been to this little town about 60 miles west of Las Vegas.
Don't you just love to say it.  Pahrump.  Reminds me of a scene in Blazing Saddles. It doesn't take long to see the part of the clip I'm talking about if you click the link.  It's Reason #3, about 30 seconds in?  I know they are saying Harrumph, but that's the first thing I think of.
Where did it get its interesting name?  According to google, It was slowly inhabited by settlers in the late 19th century. They reportedly chose the name for Pahrump after the original indigenous name Pah-Rimpi, or "Water Rock," so named because of the abundant artesian wells in the valley. It isn't so small anymore either.  It's populations is over 36,000.

We stayed at Wineridge RV Park.  It's a very nice, smaller private park with full hookups. We were here for the RV-Dreams Reunion Rally. We first heard about RV-Dreams while I was doing research on full-time RVing in 2013.  Howard and Linda put together an amazing seminar with more information than you ever thought you needed.  Even if you've RV'd before.  Full-timing is entirely different.  Well this is a reunion for anyone who has attended a previous rally.  "Our" group of 2014 has stayed very close and we tend to crisscross each other throughout our travels.  It's always great to meet up along the way and share stories and friendship.  Many of our group was going to attend so we were looking forward to going also.
 After everyone was settled into their sites there was a get together down at the picnic shelter.
There were lots of yummies and a cake.  The leaves all represented the various states in the US.
Lee taking charge and volunteering to be first in line.
Howard and Linda of RV-Dreams.
Later in the evening there was a gathering at the firepit.  Above is Jo and Craig.
Trace of Camper Cronicles.
 Me and Glenda.
 It was a very loose itinerary, some planned activities and lots of just socializing on our own.  "Aunt" Trace brought over a toy for Hurley.  She is so sweet that way.  She always has treats on hand for all the 4 leggers.  She had brought him a toy before in Quartzite, but sadly, he was very quick to destroy it.  Hurley is just that way.  He loves a good challenge.  This time Trace put a lot of research into his gift.  Since it was labeled as "indestructible" and had a picture of a Pit Bull on it, she thought she had him.
He really enjoyed it.  He chomped on it and made it squeak, he tossed it around and shook it.
 But he is persistent.  They really should use him at Quality Control.
And the carnage (above).  It did take him a bit longer, but he showed that alligator a thing or two. Thank you anyways Aunt Trace, he really did love it!
One of our outings was to a place next to the Chicken Ranch outside of Pahrump.  (If you don't know what that is, you may need to google it).  It was called Sheri's Ranch. A little more upscale than the Chicken Ranch, but same concept.  I'd been to the former (as a visitor :-) and the latter was not really much different.  We did get a short tour into a couple of the rooms, but there really wasn't much to it. We were to have lunch there but there was a mix up about our group so we all divided up and went to somewhere else for lunch.
We tried a nearby casino but the smell of smoke was overwhelming so a few of us went down the road to the country club at the golf course.  These ducks were just fine with resting right in front of the doors, not caring about anyone walking in or out.

The weather was wonderful and we had a great view while we ate outside.
Another beautiful sunset and more socializing around the fire which turned into a nightly event.

Bridget, Jo and Kelly.

There were a few planned activities but some of us chose to go geocaching.
This was a really nice Travel Bug Hotel.
Pam deciding what she'd take and what she'd leave.
Curt, Craig, Pam and Steve logging their find.
While they were searching, I spotted this tiny Hummingbird nest.
Later that evening a bunch of us "14er's", got together for our own mini potluck.  Bridget (above), who is quite the cook and baker, made the main dish.  Shrimp and Grits.  She and Pat are from Louisiana and know how to make some great Cajun food!  It was amazing!
Bridget's Shrimp and Grits.  It was very creamy.
Glenda and Curt of Illinois Campers
Curt and his newly discovered "Mo-Jo".  The night before there was some late night gambling.  Curt was in need of a little good luck.  Jo stopped by and told him he would be winning tonight.  And that he did!  So, Jo became Curt's lucky "Mo-Jo"!
Bill and Kelly of BK's American Odyssey and Ben and Jo (a different Jo, not pictured) who are traveling nurses.
Linda and Steven of The Chouters.
Pat and Steve.
Lee and Trace & Pam and Red.
Jo and Craig.
It started to get chilly so we brought out our propane firepit.  You'd be surprised how much heat it puts out.  It's comes in quite handy as sometimes there are no fire pits in many private campgrounds and sometimes there are fire restrictions in state or national forests.
Before it got dark, Steven took a fantastic group photo of us.  Thanks Steven for sharing the pictures!
Red & Pam, Curt & Glenda, Jo & Ben, Pat & Bridget, Trace & Lee, Steve & I, Steven & Linda, Kelly and Bill.  This is only maybe 1/2 of our Class of 2014 group. Others were at different activities and others could not make the rally at all.  We missed the rest of you!

There were many things offered during the reunion, cooking demos, crafts, poker, pickleball, bowling, casino gambling and golfing to name a few.  I volunteered to put a hike together so that will be the next post.


  1. Great post and pictures. What a fun time. I haven't done any gambling since the casino night since I don't have my mojo with me. Haha. Glad we got to reconnect and make some new friends. See you soon.

  2. So nice to gather with the tribe! We had lots of fun!

  3. Looks like y'all had a great time.

  4. Hurley is a destructo dog! I can't believe he destroyed that toy as we have a couple from that brand and they hold up pretty well.

    Great to see so many familiar faces in your post. We have yet to meet Pat and Bridget as well as Curt and Glenda but I am sure our paths will cross one of these days!

    1. It takes Hurley a while to destroy the Kong and Sumo toys. He slowly rips pieces off but eventually they are destroyed. Takes him closer to a month though. Yep, you're bound to cross some time. We still haven't caught up with Pamela or that rascal Dino!

  5. Looks like a fantastic time with great friends. Hmm, maybe Craig and Al shoulda played craps in Laughlin with Jo at their side lol.

    1. Oh if they played at the Craps table that would've been a blast!

  6. Looks like everyone had a blast. Sure wish we could have joined you all!
    Safe travels!

  7. Great recap! Might try to steal a few of your pics! Bill and I are both so happy we got to spend some time with you guys at the rally! Hope it isn’t too long before we cross paths again!

    1. Hey Kelly, feel free to use any pics. We had such a nice time with you guys again! I hope we end up on the same side of the US for a while ;-)


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