"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Two Nice Campsites in Utah

Hyram, UT

Hyram State Park
Levan, UT
Levan Town Park

We boogied from Montana, right on through Idaho to get to Utah.  We decided to stay a few days at Hyram State Park because it was right off the freeway on our route. Steve works during the week and they had great cell & internet reception, water and electric and it was on a lake in case I wanted to kayak.  $25.  If you didn't want water or electric it would be $20.  It was a very nice park.  The lake was very low and it was a stormy, windy week so we didn't get to kayak.

Very low lake level.

No hook-up sites overlook the lake.
The sites along the lake with the best views had nice long, level driveways, some double wide.  Some nice trees and lots of lawn.

Our site was the row behind the lake view sites.  We picked this site, #27, mainly because most of the others were taken and this one was an easy back in as the very large parking lot is next to it.  This park has the strangest dump station location.  It was actually almost in front of our spot.  It happened to be the best laid out though.  A downhill sloped bowl.  No mess and it didn't smell at our spot either.

This campground had one of the nicest fish cleaning stations I've seen.  It was funny to see cats snooping around at night to see if there were any leftovers laying around.

The lake is a popular fishing destination.  There was a fishing derby going on, but the stormy weather didn't bring many out on the water.

Our site, #27.

The storms left cooler weather and snow on the hills.

Later in the week we continued our drive south and found this free site, Levan Park, in the tiny town of Levan.  There is conflicting info on freecampsites.net, but it really is free.  They do ask for donations and there really is only room for a couple of rigs.  There are no electric or water hookups. You MUST call first to find if they have an opening for you.  There are no locked gates.  If you take the wrong way to get there, you will see locked gates but you're in the wrong spot.  Continue around the back side of the park and there is a large open area with fresh black top along the grass and trees.  That is the only place they want you to park.  This park was empty, but was very clean and pretty.  Dogs are not allowed in the park.  We were only here overnight and I only took Hurley out at the entrance to go to the bathroom.  And of course I cleaned up after him.

A friend I made at the nearby house.
The drive south to Capitol Reef had some amazing fall color that I did not expect.

Gorgeous, right?!


  1. Wow, Debbie...that's more fall color than we have here in northern Michigan! Very nice!

    1. It was some type of bush. I forget the name. Wait til I get caught up on my blogs and you see the color in Cedar Breaks National Park. The Aspen turn the most brilliant shades of red! Totally caught us off guard.

  2. I love how you are able to find these locally hidden campsites that fit big rigs!

  3. Definitely a couple of great stops! I love those hidden treasures :-) Those signs don't make me feel very "welcome" though!! Beautiful colors on the hillside.

  4. Pretty but no New England fall foliage :)


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