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Monday, September 7, 2015

Amazing Iceberg Lake, East Glacier, MT

East Glacier, MT
St. Mary's Campground
The Goal:  Iceberg Lake
This was a hike I was most looking forward to in Glacier.  I first heard about it from Pam & John of Oh, the Places they Go.  They were there almost exactly a year before.  I love a hike that has something just a little bit different about it.  This nice 10 mile round trip hike has ICEBERGS!  It's on the East side of Glacier in the Many Glacier area.  This trail is in prime bear country and has warnings of heavy bear activity that they monitor closely.  We made sure to be alert and whistle/make noise in the heavier wooded areas and curves in the trail.  I also had my bear spray.  It had been so stormy that when the weather got a short break we stayed an extra day to do this hike.


It starts out with a steep climb up a washed out area, but they are shoring that up.  Then it's a more gradual uphill hike through the tree line, opening up to some great views back down to the valley.
Lots of bear poop on the trail.  Glad we didn't see one this close.
Well, the valley is around and down to the left.

We're headed to that far back wall of snow!


Love the red rock in this area.

 Bighorn Sheep on the mountainside above us.

 Ptarmigan Falls.

 There are many waterfalls cascading down the steep slope all along the hike.
It gets colder and windier as we climb up.  Here comes the snow!
Just before you cross a creek to Iceberg Lake there is a smaller, very pretty lake.

Every now and then some blue sky would peek through the heavy clouds.

Our first peak at Iceberg as we climb over the high point. I can only imagine how blue the lake must be when the sun is out.

All bundled up in multiple layers.

Can you see the blue in the glacier in the very back?  It's an absolutely gorgeous lake.  Bummer, no icebergs left.  If you want to see what it looks like with icebergs, check out Oh, the Places they Go to see their blog post with pictures of icebergs in the lake HERE

On the way back down we did get to see a Grizzly and later a Black bear on the mountain side, safely above us.

What a fantastic hike!  One of my all time favorites!


  1. What a fabulous variety of sights on this hike! Definitely one to put on the list.

    1. Really was one of my all time favorites! Coldest hike we've done for sure.

  2. Looks like it's time to start rolling south although very pretty and great photos.
    Ingrid@ LiveLaughRV.net

    1. We had such extreme weather while we were in Glacier for those weeks. We're down in Utah now and baking in the 100 degree weather! We'd like to get up into those beautiful mountains that are in peak color, but we can't find an area that gets good cell so Steve can work.

  3. I can't believe there weren't any icebergs! I'm so sorry! We were there at the end of September and the lake was full of icebergs. Must be the winter and spring were warmer than the previous year. But I loved the fresh snow you had:) Chilly but so pretty:) How cool you got to see a grizzle and a black bear. I think we saw the same sheep and I'm sure I got the same photo of that guy standing up there alone:) Too funny. Glad you enjoyed the hike:) The lake was still beautiful!

    1. We had heard they had already melted, but it was a beautiful hike! The snow added to the beauty. Maybe next time they'll be icebergs. So glad you told me about it.

  4. Very nice. I will have to remember that hike.

  5. Just beautiful! And really cold looking!!! The waterfalls are wonderful.

  6. I just got caught up on all your Glacier adventures. Isn't it amazing there? In our 17 months of travels, Glacier was by far our favorite place. We realized we planned far to short a visit, so we're hoping to make it back in 2016 or 2017 to explore some more. Fortunately we were there before the fires, so we only had a little smoke from some Canadian fires. Still, it's a beautiful place with some of the best hiking we've ever done... -Mike & Kathie

    1. Yes, very amazing! We didn't get to 1/2 the hikes we wanted to due to either heavy smoke or crazy windy rain/snow. But we did love it. We also want to go back. Someone told me (and it only makes sense) to go late spring/early summer before fire season really gets going.


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