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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

More Hiking in Cedar Breaks Natl Mon, UT

Cedar Breaks Nat. Mon, UT
Sand Hollow State Park

There is some nice hiking to do in Cedar Breaks and just outside the park.  Here we hiked the highest elevation trail over 10K, Spectra Point and the Ramparts.  Surprisingly they need these signs, even though it's obviously straight down!

The colors are fantastic.  The green pines and firs against the reds, oranges and pinks.

The ancient Bristlecone Pines that live here are amazing.  They are so large.  Larger and more impressive than the ones we have in the Sierra Nevada in California.  Twisted and gnarly, dealing with the poorest soil and wind cold conditions, some of these old trees here are over 1700 years old.


The autumn color here is just brilliant!


A window to the canyon below.  Opposite the canyon is a green grass, pines & firs.



Lot's of Hoo Doo's.



Layers of color!

We enjoyed driving through the park and admiring the lovely color.

The Pond Hike.  If you do this in the spring, the wildflowers are supposed to be in incredible.

And my favorite?  The red Aspen trees!

Gorgeous view from here at the other end of the park.

More moon risings!

On to Zion Park next.


  1. I had to laugh as I read through your post. I took so many of the same photos!! Wasn't that slim tree trunk with the window so cool to take photos through the hole! We love the Bristlecones here, also. The aspen are magnificent! Love, love, the reds!!

    1. Yes, that tree trunk was cool. I was impressed with how healthy the Bristlecone trees were. I just could not get enough of those red Aspen!

  2. Gorgeous! When we visited in the fall there was already too much snow covering the trails.

    1. I'll bet the snow really added some beauty with those colors!

  3. Awesome pictures as always. The main road in was still closed due to snow in early May when we were in the Southern Utah. Seeing your pictures confirms we need to go back when we can see the area. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, I'm still about 3 blog posts behind. I've really got to stay caught up as I forget so many details while rushing to get them up. I always wanted to see Bryce with some snow on it. I'll bet any of those places are great with a little white on them.

  4. Those red Aspen are definitely amazing, Debbie. The colors remind me of the maples in the Northeast and Midwest.

    1. We hadn't been able to get close enough to them to see what type of tree they were at first. The ranger told me about them. Steve and I bushwacked our way out to that one grove so I could get a picture up close. They were beautiful. I do miss the fall colors back east.


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