"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Roosevelt National Park, North Section

Medora, North Dakota
Theodore Roosevelt National Park

After completing the lower portion of Roosevelt National Park we took another day and drove the Northern Part.  It's about an hour or so drive to the North part of the park.  Another day of driving the out and back road and taking little side hikes.

First up was Wind Canyon Trail which brings you to a nice overlook of the Little Missouri River.

Beautiful views all around.
There were many more wild horses on this part of the park.

The gray guy was my favorite.  Loved his coloring.

You can see for miles out here and it's only a small portion of the area.
Steve, Me, Steve & Diane
More grays, yellows and purples on this side too.

Sort of toad stools on the tops of these.

We all agreed we enjoyed the North Part more.
On our last day we walked through town and visited the Cowboy Museum & Hall of Fame.

There was quite a bit of info on cowboy life.  Roping, herding, bronk riding, guns, etc.

The Barbed Wire exhibit was one of my favorites.  I've seen these before and find them very interesting.

 Lawrence Welk was from the are too.

The intricate saddle work was my favorite.
History about the rodeo clowns.
Lots of belt buckles and guns.

They also included a little bit about the dinosaurs that once roamed this area.

Since it was off-season, it was very quiet around the cute town.

You can smell the Lilac blossoms blooming all over.

Always important to keep those stickers clean and readable!
The guys having fun.

After dinner Steve and I went out for a drive in the area and to get a geocache.  Problem was it was in the field with the bull.  Luckily he moved on and we quickly grabbed it.
Goodbye to our friends in the park.
One more day in North Dakota and it brings us to a very high place!


  1. We liked the North unit to get away from Medora and all of the people. We camped there and a herd of buffalo went through the campground.

  2. Great photos, love the wild horses and the cowboy west. Can't wait till we can visit this beautiful place. Years ago we stumbled onto a barb wire museum in Kansas.

  3. Roosevelt NP is one of the few parks we have not been to. Thanks for the our. We will fix that in coming years.

    1. It was the same for us, that's why we were so excited to finally get to ND.

  4. Nice post. Looking forward to some time in the park in a week or so. Hoping to get into Cottonwood campground. Thanks for the info you gave me.

    1. Your welcome. You guys will have a great time!


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