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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Quartzsite Goings-On

Quartzsite, AZ
La Posa South BLM 

It was a busy first week that flew by.  Visiting, hiking, RV Show, BBQs and so on.
We woke up to a beautiful day.  I went on a quad ride with my brother across the wash, through the desert towards the Kofa's.  We didn't go too far as I didn't want to put much strain on my recovering shoulder/elbow.  So far, it's feeling great!
Fun time with my Bro.
Later in the day Diane and I took the dogs out for a nice walk through the wash.  Even though this area is huge, you usually will come across some "desert art".
 "Desert Heart" 
I was given a bunch of lemons from our friends, Mike and Rose.  I love them in my water, but I also like them in grain alcohol.  Yep, I'm making some Limoncello!
We came in with a full water tank, but the shelf in the shower fell and hit the cold water handle which of course emptied our full tank in no time.  No worries.  Steve C. to the rescue with his portable tanks-on-wheels and filled us back up.  Thanks Steve!
At the RV show Steve found a nice poncho that he has been wanting for some time when sitting out by the campfire.

As we headed out to take my brother, sister-in-law, Curt and Glenda to the Desert Bar outside of Parker, we saw this cute chopper.
The drive out to the Desert Bar is bumpy and dusty, but the only way to get there unless you take the off-road route.  We left early and probably should've waited a little longer.  The road was really busy and the line to get food took an hour.
 The view looking down on the other side of what was the original bar (center building).
  View from a short hike up.
 And one of my favorite views.  It's out of the open-air womens bathroom.  It's built into the hillside.

 Steve, Diane, Me, Steve, Glenda and Curt.
 Another day we visited the Yuma Proving Grounds on our way to Yuma with Curt and Glenda. 

 M386, Launcher 762-MM Truck Mounted Rocket  
What a coincidence we ran across this tiny church in a field of crops as it was Curt and Glenda's 47th Wedding Anniversary. 
This tiny chapel was built in 1995 by farmer Loren Pratt on the edge of his fields along the road, in honor of his deceased wife Lois. It is 8 ft. x 12 ft. inside.
"Pastor Steve" performed a great ceremony.
 The happy couple!
Straight from the wedding to the prison.  Coincidence?
These are the graves of those that died at the Yuma Territorial Prison.

 Graffiti on the cactus. :-( 

 Steve got into a little trouble here.  Luckily I was able to but him out.  The Backwards Clock.

 Some of the prisoner cells.  Some were slightly nicer than others.
 I think was the Honeymoon Suite.

 On the way out the train went by and I just happened to catch the locomotive.
Date Shakes were awaiting us next at Martha's Gardens. 

 Frog Balls and Hog Balls.  Hmmmm.

We ended the day with a great dinner at the Las Herraduras Mexican Restaurant.  Great food and Margaritas.  We all loved our food and I especially loved the Carne Asada!
 Another beautiful moon!
I've been trying to find the geocache hidden at the top of the "Q" Mountain for years.  Each year it seems to go missing just before I get there. 
 Chocolate Mountain Gold Mine and Stamp Mill
 While we hiked towards the Q, Glenda spotted it in the sky.  "X" marks the spot!
As hard as the 3 of us looked, once again, we could not find the geocache. I actually climbed back up two more times.  Once with Diane and once with Steve.  The cache owner said it once again disappeared and he re-hid it.  Well, even with hints we could still not find it.  I think it was taken again as there were huge hoo-doos there that weren't there the day before.  I guess we'll have to try again next year.
At the top!
 The trail back down.

 I found some colorful old glass near the mine.
Back at camp we had what is now our 2nd Annual Fish Fry.  Thank you to Pat who caught the Crappie and my brother brought some Striper that he caught.  Red did a great job cooking it all and Steve who did the Hush Puppies.  The rest of us brought some side dishes.

Greg and Cori's new vacation vehicle, The Nook.  It's an older Chinook they fixed up for their trip to Mexico.  It was great to see them a few days before the head south of the border.
And of course it didn't take any time for Hobie (aka Thug Dog) to hi-jack Hurley's rug.
The Gang
Cori, Greg, Trevor, Guy and Sue.
Harry and Vicki surrounded by some very nice Canadian friends.
The fish was De-lish!
Pam and Diane
Curt, Glenda, Dianne and Vickie.
Hurley happy to have his rug back.
 It's great to be back in Quartzsite.


  1. Looks like some fun times with friends. Bummer about the Q cache, maybe next year.

    1. Always fun! Actually, the cache owner just got back to me and what I thought was the cache on the second day actually was the cache. Someone moved the container. Then on the third time back up someone had taken it again. So it's a yellow smiley now!!

  2. What a great time in Q. We did so much in a short time. Definitely going back. Nice getting to know your brother and Dianne better. Thank you for a great experience. Loved the date shake.

    1. Always fun with you guys! You guys are boondocking pros now. See ya in a few weeks!

  3. Fun times exploring with RV friends - doesn't get much better. Love your new header shot.

    1. Always fun in Q! Wish you guys were there too! I tried 3 times for that cache with the cache owner giving me clues. Each time someone took it before I got there! My friend, Tina, took that header shot. I love it too!


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