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Friday, January 25, 2019

Circles & Slots in Arizona

Quartzsite, AZ
La Posa South BLM

We're enjoying our boondocking out here.  Even though the Government Shutdown was going on, there were no fees collected and the facilities (water/garbage/dump) were still running
Circle #1: The Super Blood Wolf Moon appeared red when it was just coming up.  The higher it rose, the less red it looked.  The eclipse was really cool to watch.

We spent some time going back through the tent areas to pick up some things we had been needing/wanting.  We're in our 5th year on the road and finally got some really nice chairs.  We picked up a heavy duty extension cord, an anode rod and some solar items.  Of course we were parched after all that walking so we popped in to Beer Belly's for some refreshments.

Circle #2: Dats-a nice-a pizza pie!  Even though we had a long wait to get in, Silly Al's always has some great pizza and wings.
Diane, Steve, Me, Steve, Guy, Sue, Greg, Cori, Glenda and Curt.
Circle #3: The Circle of Life.
This cool desert art sits about 2.7 miles out on Palm Canyon Rd.  It's been there for many years. If you'd like to see it the coordinates are: 33.3732  -114.1737
Trinkets, coins personal items are left by some in the center.
At the end of Palm Canyon Rd is the parking area, some informational signs and the trailhead.
As you enter the canyon, the rock is really red.  Above is a lone Saguaro (on the left) and a close up of it on the right.  It's very green with the amount of rain lately.
Steve, Steve, Curt and Glenda heading up the trail.  It's rather short and fairly easy.  Even if you're only going to the viewing area, I'd still recommend sturdy shoes and a little water. 
You get a nice view of the palms at the end where the sign is pointing.  These are the last place in the state where native California palm trees grow in their natural habitat.  If you want to get closer you can cross the streambed and scramble/climb up and through a narrow wash/slot. In the above picture, it would be the wash on the right side of the palms.  The one that looks like it leads straight to the palms has some very steep parts and ropes.  Really difficult.  Go right, it's much more fun!
It's hard to tell, but this is a climb up the lower part of this draw.
There's a lot of loose rock, but it quickly becomes solid rock.  Also much steeper and narrow. 
Looking down at the others climbing up.
Looking across the canyon you see what I call The Castle.
Up close you can see the "turrets".
My brother making his way up.
#4 Here come the slots!!
Entering The Narrows.
This spot is the most narrow.  You have to squeeze through and pull yourself up.  I'm glad to say my shoulder help up great!
Suck it in! 
A short clip showing just how narrow it gets.  Maybe 1 to 2 feet wide.
Aha!  There they are!  The palms come into view once you get through the narrow part.  You can hike up the boulders to get closer but at some point the boulders get too large and steep to climb.

I made it!  I thought this "tree hugger" picture of my brother was pretty funny!

A snack at the top and a couple more pictures then we headed down.

Such a pretty view looking back towards 95.
 What a bunch of hooligans!
Back at our place we all put together some appetizers to go with the Fish Taco's we mad with the little bit of leftover fish we had. 

Since the cache owner replaced the geocache at the top of the Q (no wonder we couldn't find it!) I got Diane to go back up with me.  It was super windy and someone had built very large hoo-doos in a few places.  Well, we looked and looked and even with a few more hints, could not find it.  Darn it!  I guess someone took it again.  (Steve and I went up on our last day as he replaced it again, and AGAIN someone took it before we got to it!)
UPDATE-- Cache owner contacted me and what I found on the second time was actually the cache!  So I get a yellow smiley after all! 
 More interesting desert art.
 On our last day the guys went out on a buggy ride.  Steve, Red, Steve and Guy.  They were out all day and had a great time riding though old mining areas and seeing some petroglyphs.
 Quartzsite 2019
Another great time!  See ya next year!


  1. So glad you got the smiley face for the Q cache, I'll have to try again next winter.

    1. Yes, so was I! Frustrating to have it there for months, then have the CO replace it days/or the same day and have it missing again just before I get there!

  2. Shenanigans in the desert :-) What a fun time you've been having!

  3. By far our favorite hike in that area. Palm Canyon is so cool. We miss all our Q friends this year but it looks like you are surviving without us!

    1. Ours too! What's the weather like in SD in May? Looks like with our son's wedding we may have to move north quicker than we wanted. Not so sure the weather will let us though.


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