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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Too Much Fun in Missoula, MT

Florence, Montana
Chief Looking Glass

While we were in Missoula we had a blast in town.  There was so much to do.  We could've stayed longer.

How Steve looks when it's my turn to drive the rig.
We drove the 20 minutes into town to get the lay of the land and visit Highlanders.  They were having an Oktoberfest with German food and music. Steve loved the beer and the sausages were great.  Unfortunately the music was starting just as we were leaving. 
 We went out for wings and then to a movie and then called it a night.  This patriotic truck was parked out front.

There was a lot of events going on.  We chose to go to the Apple Festival in a nearby town.  It was huge considering the size of the town. 

The art was more unique than we've seen at other festivals and the food was wonderful!  I'm not too much into apples so I really loved the grilled steak tips on a stick.  Locally raised and yummy!
Of course there was pie!  We did devour a slice in Lee's honor.  Geez, what we do for friends! :-)
Some fall veggies, homemade cookies and cheese we brought home.
We also came home with some goat milk soaps and some other apple goodies.  Then it was on to a Pumpkin Patch at another neighboring town.
This was a small farm that really had a lot going on.  Music, 4-H fundraiser, pumpkins, etc.

They had a great shop where you could veggies, fruits, meats etc.
This cute little guy was welcoming everyone.

Pumpkins everywhere!  All colors and sizes.


We loved seeing all the animals.  Makes us miss our farm some.  Just some.

Ewwww, beeeees.

We so much fun today!  The weather was perfect too.
We also looked forward to the Smoke Jumpers Center.  I heard there was a great film and information about smokejumpers but they were closed for the season.  Too bad.  It's great to be a fulltimer in September and October.  Kids are back in school, empty campgrounds.  We love it.  But there are many places that close down for the season.  So we miss out sometimes.  Also some of the services may close in the campgrounds.  Water is shut off for the season so it doesn't freeze and some loops may be closed as well.
While driving around we noticed this brewery above an overpass.  We thought we'd come back and visit it later.
St. Francis Xavier Church is old.  Built in 1891. The large stained glass inside are really pretty.  There is a huge old pipe organ and the bell atop the church weighs 2270 lbs.  The inside, like many old churches is full of beautiful paintings and decorations.

The streets are lined with trees all in their autumn glory.  The Clark Fork runs through town and there are walking and biking trails alongside.  We would've loved to do some biking, but we were here for the Merry-go-Round.

It's called A Carousel for Missoula.  It took 4 years to create and opened in 1995.  There is also a playground in the park right next to the river.  It's $1.50 to ride but for seniors (55 and up) it is half price.  What a deal for us seniors!
There were miniature carvings of some of the horses and a dragon story to go with it.

As the carousel goes around, you grab as many of the plastic rings as you can from the dragons mouth that hangs toward the carousel.  The lucky person to grab the final ring which is brass, gets a free ride.

Steve riding the Dragon.  It was fun but it really goes around quite fast.  The horse goes up and down in a quick, jerky movement.  I was kind of surprised at the speed.  I just focused on the grabbing the rings and waiting for it to end.  Fun, but once was enough for me.  I'm an amusement park/ride weenie.
Oh, what's the difference between a Merry-go-Round and a Carousel you ask?  Nothing.
Across the way from the carousel was Tamarack Brewing where we went for some great appetizers and drinks.
Spicy Drunken Shrimp and Quesadillas.

We walked around town enjoying the trees and wandered back over to the brewery on that overpass.  The beer was just great.  Steve is really loving the hazy IPAs.

One last visit to Big Sky on the way home and our busy day is over.

One more day left with some hiking. There is a dusting of snow expected overnight on the mountains but not down at our elevation.  Looks like we'll be ok for a couple more days.



  1. I hear you on the roundy rides. I get dizzy. If you are ever back in Redmond, Oregon, check out the smoke jumpers at the airport. I’m pretty sure they’ll give you a personal tour. We had them come out to Prineville and do programs for us at the state park. They are amazing!

    1. We really heard good things about the smokejumpers. Bummed it was closed. We'll look into the one in Redmond if we get back as well as keep our eyes out for others too.

  2. I love festivals - especially fall - so much yummy foods to try! I’m sure Bill would have loved the beer tastings!

    1. What a great time in Missoula and the surrounding towns. We really had a lot of fun.

  3. Love rides of all kinds, don't go much because Dave doesn't. Looks like a fun time, fall at its best. Great that some are offering senior discounts at 55, the Frys does on the first Wednesday of the month.

    1. We hadn't seen a carousel like that since back east. Missoula was a lot of fun.

  4. Kim loves Carousels, I guess we will have to go there the next time we are in Missoula. You guys look like you are having a blast.

    1. We were so happy with Missoula. So much to do! There are so many carousels out there! You can search them out on your way.


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