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Monday, September 17, 2018

Catching the Capparella's in Ketchum

Ketchum, Idaho
Lake Creek NF

Ketchum was a place we were very excited to visit.  Not just because of the great boondocking sites or that it was fall or even that there was so much to do.  We are finally going to camp with our friends John and Tina that we know from Placerville.  They've always loved to camp and have finally made the plunge to fulltime.  Well, almost.  They are on a trial run this year.  So far they seem to be having a great time.  John just retired and Tina still works (magazine editor) from the road.
I love this picture Tina took of our rig so much that it's here twice :-)  Looks like we will get lucky with the fall color and be able to track it north.
Our first spot didn't work out but they found this nice are of National Forest to spend our week.  Almost no one out here.  I climbed up the side of the mountain to get this shot.
And here we are zoomed in.  Lake Creek runs right behind us.
When John and Tina are around we eat like kings!  John made Pork Belly sandwiches were great!  A little cole slaw with some pickles and a spicy mustard they picked up in Oregon made these delicious!  We also had some ribs and other goodies.
Steve putted zoomed around on John's 1968 Honda Trail 90.  We've wanted to get one of these too but just haven't found the right one yet.  Maybe one day.
We were only at camp a day and we got an invitation on RVillage from Neal and Linnea to stop by there place (they were boondocking a few miles away) for some wine and appetizers.  They live in the area and could fill us in on cool things to do/camp/etc. RVillage is kind of like facebook for fulltimers.  It's a great tool and we've made some really good friends we've met through it.
Neal and Linnea were at a gorgeous spot down Murdock area.  What a beautiful spot.  If we come through the area again and need a place to stay, we'll definitely stay in this area.  There is a ranger station as you come in with water/dump/garbage.  Free.  Idaho has really got it dialed in for boondockers!  Easy access to the National Forest with lots of rivers and lakes and access to services! 

Here is their lovely creekside spot. It's a prettier area.  More trees and more sites.
We all brought something to our little feast and shared some great wine.
Neal, Linnea, John, Steve and Tina.
And here is their Hurley.  What a cutie.  He is also the result of a kids college dog that went to live with the grandparents!  Neal and Linnea were super fun people and we hope to cross paths in Quartzite next January.
We checked out one of the local breweries, Sawtooth.  None of us were that impressed with the beer or food though.

On our last day of fun we took the kayaks to Stanley to paddle on Redfish Lake.  This would also give us a chance to check out some camping along the lake after we leave here.  The color along the drive was spectacular! 

Another stretch of the Salmon River.

We spotted a lonely Pronghorn but I didn't get a clear picture.  I think the Elk, Pronghorn and Deer are hiding from the hunters.  Not too many around.  It's still Archery Season, soon to be followed by rifle, so we make sure at this time of year we are careful where we hike!
The Sawtooth Mountains are gorgeous!  They remind me of a slightly smaller version of the Tetons.
We found a great spot to put in but it was pretty shallow so we had to walk out a bit deeper.  Boy was that water cold!  You're feet got numb pretty quickly.  It was one of the few times Hurley didn't want to play in it!
Here's Moose!  He's over 100lbs!  He belongs to John and Tina.  And no, he didn't ride in the kayak.  He stayed in the truck.
Steve and John.  They got new kayaks and this would be their maiden voyage.
Me and Tina.
Tina, lookin' good in the new Yak!
We got very lucky and the water was like glass as we started out.
As we paddled around the bend towards Redfish Lake Lodge, the winds picked up quickly.  So it was a shorter paddle, but it was gorgeous!

Load 'em up and let's head to the lodge for some liquid refreshments!
We took a nice walk to the lodge passing a creek and some cabins.
We can picture ourselves in something like this later in life.
Break time!  We also split some tasty Fish and Pork Tacos.  The wind gusted at times and started to pull apart a large enclosed canopy next to us that would be full of wedding guests soon.  I thought, whoa, if the winds don't die down this will be one interesting reception!  But a worker came over and John helped him snug it up.  The winds also calmed down.
A short drive brought us to the town of Stanley.  Cute.  Residents: 69.  Only half live year round.  Not much here but a couple bars, shops and bakery.  Very clean and they had a nice park up on the hill.  This is also where the cell tower is.  So 5 bars!! 
Tina, Steve and I found a cache hidden up here and she picked up a trackable too.

The Sawtooth Range as seen from the top of Stanley, ID.
Besides a park, picnic area and school, there is a small chapel.  Would be a nice place to get married.

We popped in to the saloon and had some Bloody Mary's while we talked to the owner and former town mayor.  The inside was really cute with a bar made out of pine and the Salmon River burned into the length of it.  Very impressive.  There was a dance floor and stage.  I'll bet they have some fun nights in here.  Since it is late in the season, most folks have gone to warmer places and many of the shops and restaurants close down by the end of September.
What do you do when you're not impressed with the rack on your kill?  Mount the other end!
Old cabins in town.  So much character.

Cute mountain goat on the sign.

It was a great week with John and Tina and glad that we could still meet up with them since we had to cancel plans with them to head back to California during July.  We just caught up with them on the "other side".  They head south towards Reno where John cooks/participates in the Family Sauce Contest at the Great Italian Festival.  Great time!!  Head on over if you're nearby. 
I took a picture of them pulling out of our boondocking spot and Tina took the two of our rig.
 She got a fantastic picture of our rig as we head north to Redfish Lake!
Arrivederci Capparella's!
October is Italian Heritage Month so I hope we can find some fun festivals and food along our travels.  We'll see. Ciao!



  1. Years ago we went with our daughter to Stanley. We stayed in a lodge that was similar to a BnB. Cute area. The fall colors are gorgeous! I love the photo Tina took of your rig :-)) RVillage is great for meeting new friends!

    1. Love the area! Yes we meet the best peeps on RVillage ;-)

  2. Love the deer mount! Something Jim should think about doing. 😜 Looks like an awesome camp area.
    Safe travels!

  3. Be sure to checkout the USFS area hot springs. What a good time and pictures.

    1. We’re seeing hot springs here and there. Hoping to catch one.

  4. Interesting post. We will be in southern Arizona and Southern California in February and March, maybe late January. Would love it if we could connect.

    1. We’ll be in Quartzsite in Jan,Tucson/Apache Junction/Surprise area in Feb. Would live to meet up! Let’s keep in contact. Do you have a blog?


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