"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A Break in the Mountains - CA, Week 3

Kirkwood, CA
Scott's Lake NF

Our final week boondocking in the forest was pretty quiet. More relaxing during the week then preparing to move to Nevada where we can take advantage of more free camping at the State Park with our pass.
Watching the horses pass by our site.

On Saturday we took a drive up over Monitor Pass to get to the Walker River.  It's a pretty drive and we geocached along the way a little.
Before we dropped down to the river we hid a cache at a cow chute.  We see so many of these we've decided to put one in each state and maybe make it into a challenge cache.  So far we have one in AZ and CA.
Along 395 near Walker is a hotel called Meadow Cliff.  The cliffs rise up behind and the meadow is out front.  They added a nice RV Park beside it that is run by KOA.  Just down the road is a roadside memorial. On June 17, a Tanker experienced a major structural failure causing both wings to fall off just after it completed a retardant drop. The three members of the crew were killed.

We always stop at The Walker Burger for a green chili burger.  They are also known for their shakes.  Above is a picture of their very shaded and pretty outside eating area. Then we stopped at a couple of our favorite fishing spots.  We were surprised to find the water levels pretty good.  Strangely, no one was out fishing.

 We got back to camp as the sun was going down.  It was a nice day for a day trip.

On Sunday we were checking out areas nearby for other boondocking spots.  On the way we geocached some more and came upon the area that Snowshoe Thompson once had a homestead.  For some reason this spot is memorialized by 3 different foundations.
We checked out Indian Creek Reservoir.  The dirt road coming in from the north end is long and bumpy.  We wouldn't take our rig up it.  You could drive in from the south and it's paved most of the way.  The campground is nice but pricey for no hookups and at this time of the year the water level is very low and mossy around the edges.  Not sure how the fishing is. There is a small boondocking spot just outside the campground that has a dirt runway.  It doesn't seem like a place many small planes would land but there was a plane parked there and a couple of trailers camping under the trees.


As the water level dropped it left behind rainbow like colors in the dirt, grasses and weeds.

Hurley was very interested in the brave ground squirrels darting about that didn't seem to care much him though.
Fall will be coming soon to the mountains and some of the Aspen are turning color.

Continuing on, we came upon Curtz Lake.  There are some hiking trails and day use area here.  Of course we had to hide a cache here for our geocaching friend, Curt while we were here.

It was a nice weekend.  Next we move to Nevada before heading up into Idaho.


  1. Sounds relaxing! Love the colors of the receding water line and the aspens.

    1. Hope Valley is beautiful, especially in mid-late October.

  2. Great memorial to the firefighters. Guess Curt's geocaching friends will have to find his cache when they're in the area. Can't wait to get back west to do some more boondocking.

  3. You guys find some of the coolest places! Safe travels

  4. That stream looks like a nice little fishing spot. Makes me want to get out and do some fishing myself!

    1. It's a great place to fish along 395 on the Eastern side of CA if you get there.


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