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Friday, June 1, 2018

Camping with the Boats - Winchester Bay, OR

Winchester Bay, Oregon
Salmon Harbor Marina

Ever since I saw the blogpost from Watson's Wander of their stay at Salmon Harbor Marina, I immediately put it on "The List" of places to stay.
You can stay at the exclusive Winchester Bay RV Resort just on the other side of the boats for big bucks, or you can stay right on a pier/jetty at Salmon Harbor Marina.
We stayed on the C pier.  If you stayed on the 3 sites at the very end (just to the right of the red line from us above) it costs a premium.  But we were the only ones so we stayed at the cheaper sites right next to it.  For $17 a night, dry camping, you fantastic views of the harbor and the boats docked right behind you.
Our site, C12.
My brother and sister-in-laws site across from us.  There is water and a dump station available for $10.  If you are camping, you get a voucher for 1/2 off. 
Our own private beach below our site.

What a fantastic full moon rise outside our windows.

The next morning my brother was fishing right outside our sites.
And of course he caught a nice little trout right away.

Hurley waiting patiently on the grassy bluff.  The rocks were very sharp.  Not good for doggy feet.
We walked all around and explored.  There was a seagull nest on one of the crabbing docks.
Our trailer viewed from across the bay.
My brother's rig.
Another view of ours with the boat docks.

After dinner we all took the dogs for a walk around the entire marina.  Here is an oyster house.  You can get them to go, or eat them here.

A place to hang/weigh/measure and picture your huge catches.  Unfortunately the salmon still are not running.  We fished all week and only caught a few small trout.

One of the trawlers coming in from the days catch.

Fun park area for the dogs to run around and the "kids" to play.

We loved just kicking back and watching the tide come in and go out.  There were a few seals that visited us.

Lot's and lots of oyster shells outside of the oyster house.
My brother's hunting dog, Ruger, saw these ducks enjoying the water and felt he needed to "do his job" and try to retrieve them.  But since they hadn't been shot, they outswam him!

There were a lot of folks dropping crab pots from this dock.  We're lucky that this place is fairly empty.  Another month or so and it'll be totally crowded.

Just us and the gulls.

I just LOVED this place.  Originally we were only going to stay a couple of nights, but we had so much fun fishing and relaxing we decided to stay longer and venture out further.  With our solar panel and sunny weather we had no problems staying juiced up for the week.

Hurley waiting for one of the Steve's to catch something.
I went out one day with my brother to fish with some heavier surf tackle in another bay.  I didn't last long.  I had such a hard time casting out that huge lure set up.  My arms, shoulder and back were killing me.  Since we didn't catch anything we went back.  Thank goodness!
Later in the week we visit Coos Bay and have some beach time.


  1. That's my kind of place … beautiful!

    1. I love it when a place exceeds your expectations!

  2. Yahoo, I’m finally caught up on your blog! Great area. We’ve thought of staying there too next time we’re on the coast. Safe travels!

  3. We love that place, too! Last time we stayed there, every day in the early afternoon, a guy would arrive in his car and go sit at a picnic table a couple of sites over from us. Over the course of about an hour, he'd slide his pants down little by little. By the end of it, he was nearly naked from his waist down! It was hilarious!

  4. Wonderful place. Good to be with family also.

    Debbie, don't think I have asked before. But are you guys running four 12 volt batteries and how many solar panels?


    1. We have 4, 6 volt batteries and one 100 watt portable solar panel (with a 100ft cord) with a 2500 watt inverter. It's been working very well for us these 4 years.

  5. What a great camping spot! We have been through that area several times but have never stopped. We always stop in Coos Bay and Charleston, looking forward to your next post in that area!

    1. Just beach play next. We'd stop here again. It was a real fun place with no one hardly here (at least this time of year).

  6. Charleston is our favorite clamming and crabbing area. PM us if you want a good spot for clams.

    1. Sounds fun. We'll be spending 10 days with friends in Hoodsport clamming, oystering, crabbing, etc! That will give us our fill. Steve loves all the seafood, me not so much. But I will eat some oysters once in a while and mussles in heavy garlic and wine.

  7. Looks like a great place, it went on the list of places for the NW when ever we get there. Dave would love all the seafood.


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