"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!

Placerville, CA
Storm Valley Ranch

Today it's all about the flowers!  My hiking buddy, Tina, suggested we go out to Coloma to do some hiking in the surrounding hills.  The wildflowers are in full bloom. 
 No surprise at this elevation.

We start out down by the American River so Hurley can play in the water a bit.
Everything is so green too!

And more signs.  We weren't too worried. For one, these signs are always up and two, there are small kids swarming all over the trails.  Must be a field trip.  They'd be easy pickins'. (of course I'm just kidding)

The hills are full of poppies blooming.  In the above picture you can see the giant patch of orange in the middle.  Best I could get with my phone.
It's a bit humid today so even though it's only about 3 miles or so, we were feeling it.

Love the twisted maroon colored, smooth bark of the Madrone trees. The Native Americans used the curling bark to make teas that would treat an upset stomach, cold or to use on small wounds. I actually learned this in Science Camp.  Or maybe it was Girl Scouts?
The American River down below.

Scotch Broom on the left is blooming profusely right now.
A tunnel of Madrone.
Thanks for the picture, Tina!

The Lilacs were so fragrant.  They always remind me of living in Upstate New York.

Once down off the trail we walked little bit through the Marshall Gold Discovery site.  This is where James Marshall discovered gold in 1848 which started the huge movement west a year later.


It is quite narrow, but there is a campground on the other side of the bridge.  Our dually truck fits with not much room to spare.
Small cottages from the mining days.


Another short hike up to the monument where a geocache is hidden.


Another picture of the valley from the top of the hill at the monument.
After a long day we stopped in at the Argonaut in the historic village of Coloma.  It is a Farm to Fork eatery where ingredients are grown locally.  We sat outside on the small deck and split a sandwich/salad combo.  Very tasty and plenty for each of us.

 Later that night we met up with Mike and Rose for a dinner at Fat's Asian Bistro in Folsom.

We all ordered different things than we usually would and shared them.  Delicious!
Back at the trailer and the cows were enjoying their dinner as well. Lot's of green grass.
Well that brings an end to a great day.  Hiking and friends!
Next Up: It's someone's birthday!


  1. Wow.... flowers and tons of color. No mountain lion would dare tangle with you. Looks like it was a great day and good food with friends.

  2. Wow...that's a narrow bridge, Debbie! The flowers are beautiful!

  3. Yikes! The bridge would certainly have scared me! It looks like a beautiful area to explore and the flowers are just awesome. Hurley looks happy too!

    1. We always find a new place to hike there. Hurley was happy to be back on the trail too.


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