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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Baseball, Bridges & Breweries

Cooperstown, NY
Glimmerglass State Park

We've had a great time traveling with Curt and Glenda this past month and our time together will be ending in Cooperstown, NY.  But first a visit to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  Since we lived several years in Upstate New York, we've been here before but it's been a long time. 
Double Day Field
Steve & Curt
National Baseball Hall of Fame
It's a very large and takes up a few buildings.
Curt's favorite part.
Cooperstown has a very cute Main Street.  Glenda and I had no interest in the Hall of Fame, so we walked and window shopped through town.
We walked up and down the town and picked out some cookies at the bakery,
and had some great ice cream.
Saw this guy in one of the shops.  I later found out it was Cal Ripkin.

 The process of bat making from a log (at the bottom) up to the finished bat (at the top).
 The oldest covered bridge in New York happens to be the oldest in the US as well.
We grabbed a couple geocaches in the park and walked around the beach and let Hurley swim in the water.  It was pretty humid out and he just can't handle that very well.
There was a beautiful marina on the lake and Glenda and I walked along the path with gardens between the water and the flower gardens in the park.

Lake Otsego

We visited a couple of breweries nearby.  Ommegang Brewery is a large Belgian Ale producing brewery.

They have beautiful grounds and a nice café.


After a snack and a flight of beer, we headed out for a drive and ended up at Council Rock Brew Pub.
Our last dinner together before we part ways tomorrow.

Back at the trailer Curt had a surprise for Steve.  He had been traveling around with a special bottle of 2017 Dark Lord Imperial Stout beer that he was saving for our last night.  It is a Russian-Style Imperial Stout brewed with coffee, Mexican vanilla, and Indian sugar. They really enjoyed it.  Glenda and I took a pass.

One last campfire.
The next day Curt and Glenda headed out towards their hometown of Illinois to visit family.  Then we will head to Arizona where they winter for a few months.  We will see them again in November before we head back home and then see them again in Feb/March before we both leave for our summer destinations.  So it's more of a See Ya than a Goodbye.
Forgot to mention that we stayed at Glimmerglass State Park. It's a nice little campground in Cooperstown.
$26, W/E - site #1.
 The campground is small but the park itself is very large with several pavilions to rent, walking trails, swimming beaches and huge grass areas.
--A little scary story--
We were in line to use the dump station and there was an older, larger gentleman ahead of us dumping his tanks.  As time went by I noticed that he seemed almost "frozen".  Just standing there, looking my direction but not moving.  I realized something might be wrong and told Steve to go see if everything was ok or if he needed anything.  At that moment he fell right over backwards in an odd spot, stuck between the garbage can and some pipes. Steve ran over and after having some difficulty trying to get him up I ran over.  I got behind him and put my arms around him and pulled up while Steve pulled him up from the front.  It was very difficult awkward and we were barely able to lift him up. Poor guy.  His glasses, medications, wallet, etc went flying everywhere.  After talking to him, we noticed he was on oxygen and several medications and must've had an "episode".  We gathered his belongings together and helped him get things put away so he could go back to the campground where his wife was waiting.  He didn't want us to call any one.  He thanked us and drove away. I'm not so sure he should really be driving an RV alone but we we're glad he was ok. Kind of scary.
We lifted the jacks the next morning and headed to our next stop in Brockport, NY, where we used to live to visit friends.
Along the way we stopped and found a cache at a 9/11 Memorial in a nearby small town.
It was very nicely done and was made with one of the columns from the wreckage at Ground Zero.

Next Up, a couple of weeks moochdocking at our friends in Brockport, NY.


  1. We went to Cooperstown in 1985...I remember that, because the Tigers beat the Padres in 1984, and the score was displayed in the Hall of Fame. :). Doubleday Field runs a close second to baseball shrines for me, with the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa being the first. 😊

    1. We were going to go the FoD but it is a couple hours the opposite way that we're headed.

  2. Not a BB fan but I would probably enjoy Cooperstown with all the wonderful history. Love that bat making display. I'm with Hurley - no humidity! That Ommegang Brewery looks like a Thoroughbred horse farm - so pretty :-)))

    1. The town is nice and other than lovely drives around the countryside, not much to do.

  3. We're not really baseball fans either but I've gone to an occasional River Cats game with friends or the girl scouts when I was a leader.
    Our friends brother-in-law is Ricky Henderson and I believe he is memorialized somewhere in the Hall of Fame. We met him once or twice, he seems to be a nice guy.
    Can't hardly pass up a good ice cream shop :-)
    Nice 9/11 memorial too. Such a sad day in our history. One of those days I remember well.

    1. Wish I knew that before we went and I'd have had Steve take a picture of it for you.

  4. Our first stop on our way out of VT the first year we went full time was Glimmerglass SP, not baseball fans but we did get a paddle in on Glimmerglass Lake and Dave visited a few breweries. Hope to see you in AZ.

    1. I wish we had time to get on the lake but it was a stop-over this time for us. I'm sure we'll see you in AZ.

  5. Nice save helping the old guy. As we travel, we see many people that have trouble just getting around. Then they get in a big rig and head down the road...

    the ice cream looks so gooood.

    1. It is scary to think if we were not waiting behind him at the dump station how long he'd have been on the ground there before someone else came along. Poor guy.


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