"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Quicky in CT-MA-RI

Dayville, CT
Hide-A-Way Cove RV Park

Our time in Connecticut was short but sweet.  We settled into a nice little private RV park called Hide-A-Way.  It was small, quiet and clean.  There were several seasonal folks, but most of the sites were neat and tidy.  The management was very friendly and let us pull into any spot we wanted that was open.  The weather was forecasted to be dry for the next few days so we chose a nice shady spot on the large lawn area.  No one nearby except across from us.  This will work great for hiking Connecticut's High Point as well as getting a check up scheduled for Hurley.  His rabies certification is about to expire and he's due for an annual check-up any way.
Site# 36.  $36 for W/E.

Hiking to the highest point in Connecticut will be interesting.  Most descriptions and directions varied slightly and we would be on some back roads looking for it.  I plugged in the GPS coordinates for the trailhead that looked the best and they were actually spot on.  Thank goodness for one particular person's description as even with the coordinates, it was confusing.  Luckily there was a large enough spot for us to park the big truck and we were off. 

Another interesting tidbit.  Although the highest point of Connecticut is on Mt. Frissell, it is not up at the summit.  Most of Mt Frissell is in Massachusetts, just above the boarder from Connecticut.  The High Point, is actually on the slope of Mt. Frisesll.  Also, Mt Frissell is not the highest point in Massachusetts either.  (See the previous post on hiking Massachusetts High Point). The above pictures show both sides of the borders.  We will actually be hiking partially in both states on this trail. 
There weren't any signs, just a description to go by so we were happy to see this homemade sign for the trail to confirm we were on the right path!
Mt. Frissell’s southwest shoulder is the highest point in Connecticut at 2,380 feet above sea level. It is one of only three US state highpoints that are the highest point in a state but not technically the summit of the hill or mountain.  Just follow the red blaze up.

We considered this a perfect hike.  Just the right amount of gain, length, bouldering and scenery!

A couple of cairns towards the top to mark the way.  We only had to backtrack once when we lost the trail looking for the cairns.

And here is the marker, right next to the border of both states.

A nice geocache hidden at the top.

An ammo can with the logbook and several trinkets.

Hurley glad to find some shade at the top.  The hike started out cool and in shade, but as the day wore on it got sunnier and a bit humid.

Leaving painted rocks with art or words of wisdom seems to be popular these days.  We've been finding them on trails and in campgrounds.  Some you can look up on websites and log their travels and some are meant to be kept or moved along.  This one said, "Find your fire."

Signing the logbook.

After a rest and a snack, we took a side trail back into the Massachusetts side to climb to the summit of Mt. Frissell.  It was not far and we found another cache at that spot.  Once again someone had posted a homemade sign to mark the spot.

I liked the red striping to the bark on this tree and all the lush ferns.

On the way back to camp we took a drive through another cute town and found this unique fountain off the side of the road that a geocache brought us too.

It was to honor hard working newspaper carriers.

A spot for fido to get a drink.

And Fluffy too.  Although Fluffy doesn't look too happy.

And your pet lion I guess.
The day we left I was able to get Hurley an appointment for a check up and rabies shot.  Our little Pork Roll weighed in at 60 lbs.  That's a 5 lb. weight gain!  Even with all the hiking.  Nice to see we're not the only ones with this problem!  No more snackies!
Huh? Who me?

After leaving Connecticut,  we spent the night Wallydocking before heading to Rhode Island for another quick stopover.  We were in a hurry to get to Maine to spend a few weeks traveling with our RV friends, Curt and Glenda!
Our nice little spot at Walmart.  They had a lot to the side for overnighters.

This was an easy one.  There are only 6 states including Rhode Island with high points under 1000 feet elevation.  There is a half mile trail leading from the side of the road to the marker. 

After a short walk hike, there it was.  Of course, another cache was hidden here too.

More painted rocks.

Besides rocks, I guess someone thought this spot wedged into a mossy stump off the trail would be a nice spot to put a piece of painted tile.  I wonder how long it's been here?

A short drive through New Hampshire and over the bridge and we are in Maine!

How nice of New Hampshire to make buying booze and lotto tickets so easy right on the truway!

A night at Cabelas at Scarbourough in their guest parking and we meet up with Curt and Glenda the next morning at the campground in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Cabela's is one of our favorite quick overnighter spots.  They have a dump station, water, kennels and even horse stalls for us travelers.  There were a lot of RVers here for the night but there was plenty of parking for all to space out.  It was a busy week of travel, but now we can slow down and have fun.
Next up, Bar Harbor!!


  1. If you're going to Acadia National Park, make sure you do the Acadia Mountain Trail. Great views!


    1. We've been to Acadia before. This time we were out to do Precipice (later blog) and some of the shoreline hikes as well as Cadillac Mtn as our friends hadn't been there before. Precipice was a doozy!

  2. Cabela's is one we haven't tried for dry camping, but we will now. Have you tried https://freecampsites.net/ for finding free over nights?

    1. Yep, that's the first one I use! Cabela's is nice because it's large and set up for overnighters. Too bad there weren't more of them!

  3. Beautiful! Guess we'll have to visit the northeast someday! Love the painted rocks! Ciao!


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