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Thursday, May 26, 2016

How do we find our awesome boondocking sites?

Salida, Colorado
Boondocking - BLM

National Forest outside Nathrop/Buena Vista, CO, CR270

People are always asking me, "How do you find those awesome boondocking spots?"  Well, it's a process.  Not usually too hard, but since Steve still works from the road, having a strong cell signal is a must.  Usually we'll be in a boondocking spot 1 or 2 weeks.  More sometimes if allowed.

We prefer to be out in a forest, by a lake or river near hiking/biking trails, not too far from town and lots of privacy.  Easy right?

National Forest outside Nathrop/Buena Vista, CO, CR270

First I look at the area we'd like to be at.  What I look at is:

1. freecampsites.net - ease of access (we don't want to be more than a few miles off a paved road).  It has info that describes length of RV that will fit, utilities, websites, maps and most importantly, I like the reviews of others who have camped there to see if what is listed is fairly accurate.  Usually they will comment on internet reception.

2. usacampgrounds.info - Now my favorite as it brings up those gems others don't, like county parks, fairgrounds, airports, racetracks, etc,

3. Campendium.com - another favorite as the reviews are simpler and best for cell coverage.

4. coverage? (app) This shows me how many bars of ATT/Verizon are in the area, if any.

5. rvparky.com - Easy format to see all at once, especially price.

6. ultimatecampgrounds.com - Similar to above.

7. casinocamper.com - If it's just an overnighter I will check county parks, casinos, big box stores such as Cabelas, Walmart, Home Depot, Bass Pro Shop etc.  Most will let you stay overnight and some give free goodies like casino money or even utilities if you're lucky.  I don't really count these as boondocking, but sometimes it just works better.

National Forest, Leadville, CO, CR 4

Usually the top 2 are all that is necessary for me to find a spot that will work for us.  We always try to have a Plan B and C just in case the spot doesn't work out or the cell just doesn't work.  Some of the best info I get is from other bloggers.  Especially ones who work as they will mention cell conditions and give nice reviews.  When they find a great spot, most will share it.  I file that away for future reference.
BLM - Salida, CO, CR 194

There are other sites I have bookmarked for the Forest Service, BLM and several others, but usually the ones listed above are what I mainly use.

So far, in the past 2 years we've been fulltiming, our top spots have been in southwest Colorado.  There is a lot of National Forest and BLM land that borders the main highways with rivers and lakes all around and plenty of small towns for shopping and services.  Many easy access, large spots that are easy to find.  The sites have been in Salida, Nathrop/Buena Vista, Leadville and Cortez/Durango.

National Forest - Cortez, CO, CR316


  1. Well it's about time you shared your secret!! You've been holding out on us. Seriously though I would add...or you could just read Deb's blog and copycat her. That's what a lot of us do :)

    1. Hey, we also got that great one from you near Helena MT! Right on the river. Loved that one too!


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