"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Durango, CO - Animas City Hike

Durango, CO
La Plata County Fairgrounds

We've been missing our mountain hiking.  It's still been pretty cold at times and trying to hike much above 5K is impossible with all the snow still out.  So we were glad to find this nice little hike right in town.
The Animas City Mountain Trail starts above 6,500 feet and climbs 1,500 feet steadily in just 3 miles. It's a nice 6 mile hike to get us going in Colorado.  We're slowly acclimating so that we can hike a 14er later on.  (that's one of Colorado's many high mountain peaks above 14K feet in elevation).  There are mazing views of downtown Durango from above. 

Straight up right off the bat.  Loose dirt and rocks made it a bit tricky.

Love seeing the spring blooms coming out.

This trail has some crazy rock formations.

It was a pretty warm day so Hurley would find all the shady spots to rest.

Snow still on many of the surrounding mountains.


I was surprised to see some small claret cup cactus up here.

Just a little shade on the trail as most of the oaks hadn't leafed out yet.

Love the deep red bark on these pines.

Many rocks on this side of the hike.

One determined tree growing out of the crack.

Now this was very interesting.  Someone spent a lot of time making a sort of log-rock house.

It actually had a door, benches and windows and a sort of roof.  Very cute.

 A view of Durango down below.
Love the Lilacs blooming.  Reminds me of living in Upstate NY.

Once down we headed over to a different brewery.  SKA turned out to be Steve's favorite in Durango.  He loves a good IPA.

Me, I preferred an ice water to go with this yummy pizza bread.  Pulled pork, chilies, feta and onions.


  1. I'm really missing my time in Colorado this summer. Your photos here and on Facebook remind me why I love it there so much. Keep those photos coming!

    1. Thanks Ingrid. I'm slowly but surely getting caught up on the blog. We are loving it here!

  2. My favorite saying about Colorado: The winters will get you there, the summers will keep you." Love the wildflowers.

    1. That's a great saying. Not sure I could live in heavy snowy winters anymore, but loving it now. The flowers are gorgeous and remind me of the Sierra Nevada where I used to live.

  3. Beautiful pictures of spring in CO, acclimating slowly..best way to get prepped for the higher elevations.

    1. We are loving the SW area of Colorado! Were acclimated, but even I can still feel that elevation. Sometimes just walking! But we hiked several hikes above 11K (more on that on later blogs) :-) Looking forward to your Alaska updates!


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