"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hiking Squaw Peak & Weaver's Needle, AZ

Gold Canyon, AZ
Canyon Vista RV Resort

While we finished up March in the Apache Junction/Gold Canyon areas, we did two more amazing hikes.  Squaw Peak is a great hike just outside of the city of Phoenix and Weaver's Needle rivaled the hike to Flat Iron.  I was in hiking heaven.

Squaw Peak's name was changed to "Piestewa Peak" in honor of Lori Piestewa who died serving her country in the Iraq conflict. The elevation of Piestewa is the second highest peak in Phoenix behind Camelback Mountain which is located nearby and is a very difficult trail.

Heading up.

One of the many amazing views of the greater Pheonix area as you climb.
Ocotillo blooming and some big steps to climb.


Steve & I.

Dotty and Doug.

First time I've seen a Chuckwalla.  They are very big lizards. 

Dotty climbing up some of the steep, rocky sections.    The elevation marker at the top.

Views of some of the nearby peaks.

A couple pics of me near the top taken by Steve.

This guy was also very happy to make it to the top.
It made me nervous to see him sitting on that rocky outcropping.


Me and Dotty

All four of us at the top! Steve, Me, Dotty and Doug.
A well deserved rest after a steep climb.

I heard that the local Search and Rescue does frequent Fly-by's to keep an eye on the hikers.

This guy actually had an interesting story.  I was asking him about the weights and he told me he and his daughter were going to try out for the Great Race TV show in a couple of years so he wanted to get in good shape.  I gotta admit he did very well with those heavy weights as it was a hot hike up a steep trail.

This passenger had it made.

Another nice view from up high.
 - - - - - - - - - - -

Lastly, Weaver's Needle was a hike we were really looking forward to.  Curt from Camp Lowry was going to take us on this hike along with his friend Ron. 


The wildflowers were out in spectacular color everywhere on the trail.


The views constantly changed.  The colors and formations.

 Looking back down.
The spires were stacked all over the canyons.

Steve with his new tattoo.

Whatever these type of flowering plants are, they are beautiful. Many different colors.

Steve leading the way.

Getting closer to the top.  In the pic to the left you can see "Snail Rock" at the top.

Just as we were about to hit the peak, Curt covered my eyes and told me to just "trust him" as he guided me over the top to the edge.  This was the sight when he uncovered my eyes.

 WOW!  Really, WOW!!  It is an unbelievable view that you have to see in person to appreciate.  So majestic you have to see it! That lone pine tree to the far right is our final destination.  It's the closest you can get.  We had lunch there and a nice rest.

Lunch at the top.

A video from the "Lone Pine"





Flowers, flowers everywhere!


 When we finished the hike and were headed back to the parking lot at the trailhead, I saw this unique hood ornament on this car.


  1. Looks like some wonderful hikes. If we continue to stay in shape think these need to be on our bucket list next time we're in AZ.

    1. Both great hikes! So many in this area to do. Love the Superstitions!

  2. These are definitely two great hikes! Congratulations on completing them both:) If we should ever decide to return to the Phoenix area, we will most certainly be checking these out. We aren't fans of that area at all. We much prefer Tucson for the size. The brittle bush makes everything light up. I so enjoy hiking when it is blooming. So many very cool rock formations, especially on the Weaver Needle hike. We enjoyed having the Needle in our sites as we hiked that area.

    1. There are so many hikes in those two areas you could hike for years! We love the Superstition area because it seems more green to us and more variety in the rocks/boulders etc. Not as windy or dusty. Apache Junction is small which we like but there are larger cities nearby. The lushness at the time and the blooms were made for perfect timing!

  3. Great shots of the desert in bloom.

  4. Great pics as always Deb! I hope to hike some of these places you've seen someday.

    1. There are some truly amazing hikes here!

  5. Greg said Steve missed a great photo op with that hood ornament....disappointed!! Miss you guys!!

    1. Well, he's trying to cut back on stuffed animals ;-) Miss you guys too!

    2. Amazing pics Deb!!! Loved the one with the mountain in the back and the tree in the foreground. So so good :)

    3. You and Lee could do this hike. Gorgeous. You'd love all the rocks!

  6. We are going to have to find one of those front packs for Daisy!

    1. If you get a doggie stroller or doggie carrier we can no longer be friends ;-) jk. (no really :-)

  7. Beautiful pictures Deb. Loved all the colors. Sounds like AZ has some pretty amazing hiking trails. You guys rock! Not sure I'd want to run up on that huge lizard though! :-) Thanks for sharing!

    1. You guys are doing some spectacular hikes back east. We'll be back there next year. When are you coming out west?


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