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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Another Hiike, Dave's Famous BBQ & GeoCacheing

Cave Creek AZ
Secret Location

There are some great sunrises with calm skies here.  This makes for fantastic ballooning.  If you're up early enough you can see them floating right past the rig.

Back out at the Sonoran Preserve, I did another hike with Dotty.




Our campsite.

Later one afternoon we were invited over to join Curt and Glenda at Dave & Faye's, of  The Wandering Camels blog, for Dave's famous BBQ.  He is well known for his master skills in the RV Community!  I've also followed their blog and as usual, it is so nice to meet these people in person.
They were camphosting at the nearby regional park campground.  They had a site with a great view!

Glenda, Steve & Faye.

Ingrid, Dave & Curt

Believe me, the smoked brisket was out of this world!


Sunset, Backlit Cholla

And Ingrid's fabulous cupcakes for dessert!

Later in the week we planned to spend all day geocaching with Curt, Glenda, Jim & Cheri.  Jim had a route all set up for us in Scottsdale.  There were some very difficult hides which made it a lot of fun.  It also followed a route that had whimsical wrought iron sculptures throughout.
A snake resting on a park wall.
Another spot had two trees with lizards climbing up them.
This cache was cleverly hidden up inside and took a while to find.

Lot's of blooming trees and cactus

This was our favorite find of the day.  Once you found the bucket, you had to figure out what to do with it by reading the hints.  Turns out you took it to the creek just behind us, filled it with water,

Then poured the water down the pipe.  Of course you had to figure out what to do with the wine corks that were inside of it.  That would be plugging the hole in the bottom of the pipe that you didn't know was there until you poured the water in.  Back to the creek to refill the bucket.

When you poured the water in, the hidden cache floats to the top of the pipe and pops out.  Clever!!

Then there was this one where you the cache took you to some bamboo poles and you had to figure out what to do with them.  You had to assemble them into one long pole, then find the correct tree that had the cache hidden way up high.  Using the pole, you hooked it and took it down.

We had a ball all day geocaching!
Again, if you don't know what it is and want to learn more, go to


  1. I miss the desert. Thanks for taking me back:) Love those very clever cache!

  2. The BBQ and deserts look great! Those are some pretty ingenious geocaches as well, very cool.

    1. They were some of the most clever caches we've seen. And Steve's purple bag is almost empty. You'd be proud!

  3. Yummy looking brisket!! Great fun I'm sure. Those caches are awesome - love the creativity involved - and that you figured out all of them :-)

    1. Dave is an awesome BBQer for sure. The caching and the area were lot's of fun.

  4. Cool Caches!! And the brisket looks awesome!!

  5. We enjoyed meeting you, Steve and Hurley. I always seem to forget about checking for caches, have to try and do better. Looks like an interesting cache.

  6. As others have said, the BBQ looks yummy. I want to go up in a hot air balloon one day. Maybe one year Ron and I will make it to the Albuquerque balloon festival and I'll get my chance.

    1. You can get special tickets to be right up with the action at the balloon fest. Lot's of RVers do that. We went up in a balloon for our first anniversary. It was real fun.

  7. Hi Debbie, I left a comment on your previous post when you were getting your Montana. I wasn't sure if you would see it, so I am messaging here. I am considering the same year and model rv, and was hoping you could answer a few questions...mainly about storage in the kitchen. We love to cook! How do you utilize the doors around the fridge? Is the pantry adequate? How do you like the Montana now that you've had it a few years? I found your blog while researching the rv. Looks like you are loving full timing...congratulations on living your dream! I hope you don't mind my questions; it would really help us to decide on a purchase. Thanks so much!

    1. We LOVE our Montana. We've been fulltiming 2 years and it is holding up great. Can you e-mail me and we can share more? sd.mack@mindspring.com


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