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Sunday, February 1, 2015

BBQ, Visiting Friends & More BBQ - Austin

Austin, TX
Casa Campbell

We came through Austin to visit with my friend Perry and his family.  Perry and I went to middle and high school together back in California and usually only see each other at high school reunions.  It was nice to have more time to visit and get to know his wife, Kristin and son Ethan, better (daughter Miranda is away at college).  They were very gracious to let us stay longer when a few simple RV warranty repairs turned into something more lengthy (more on this in the next post).

Perry also plays a mean ukulele.
They have a beautiful home and Hurley got along great with their dog, Crusoe.  He really enjoyed having another larger dog around to play with and go on walks with.  He was also a naughty boy and snuck into the pool a couple of times.

As soon as they go back in the house, I'm goin' in!
Best Buds
Steve couldn't wait to go back to County Line BBQ where he'd eaten before while here on business.  We had a great meal and watched the sun set.


Most of the time we just chilled out but we did get to downtown Austin to walk around and check out the Farmers Market.  The downtown is a lively mix of cultures, shops, restaurants and parks.  It was nice and sunny and I don't think I've ever seen so many people of all ages enjoying the outdoor spaces.  There were runners, bikers, people with kayaks and canoes out on the Colorado River (the one that flows out of Lake Travis) and many others practicing whatever sport/activity it is they like to do.  Very active city. 

The farmers market was rather small, but it is early February.  There was a lot of local beef, lamb, chicken, veggies and some yummy foods. 
Very interesting cauliflower.
We split this great breakfast type food which was delicious! It was a "Kati Roll". 

Boring name for an amazing dish.  Here's what's in it:  Candied pork belly, Hausbar fried farm egg, collard greens, ginger crema, escabeche carrots, bacon butter hot sauce (that's the special ingredient!) wrapped in grilled naan.  It was mouth watering!  We had barely recycled our plate/fork/napkin (they are very recycling minded :-) when we smelled the tamales! How could we not get a couple of the fresh tamales with homemade sauces?

There was this very serious guy pounding away on a old typewriter.  The sign said he'd write you a poem about anything for a donation.  I really wanted to see what he'd come up with, but he was quite popular and the wait was over a 1/2 hour. 

People seemed very happy with their custom poems.
There was a 3 person band playing some western music and dogs everywhere!  There were all sizes and breeds, equally having a good time.  A nice grass area kept the kids happy with some giant foam blocks.


Perry and Kristin took us to two great places for dinner.  The Oasis sits on a bluff 450 feet above Lake Travis on the edge of Austin.  It considers itself the Sunset Capitol of Texas.  It's a huge place with very quirky decorating.

Decorated up for Valentines Day

Later in the week we had to have some great BBQ that our blogger friends Jim & Barb raved about called the Salt Lick.  Our hosts also said it was the best around.  I don't think it matters when you go, be prepared to wait!  I knew this would be a busy place when I saw the size of the parking lot!  No worries though, you can bring your own beverage of choice to the outdoor patios.  There is also a small wine tasting room where we bought some wine and a cheese plate and enjoyed the sunshine outside under the graceful oak trees while we waited.

THAT'S some BBQ!!

The food was great and we left very, very full.  On the way back home we drove through downtown Austin all lit up.
Beautiful Capitol Building
Kristin, Hurley and I took advantage of the beautiful day by getting the kayak out into the water.  At Brushy Creek Lake, they have nice bike trails as well as fishing for bass and catfish.  No one was catching anything today. 



What a great time in Austin.  Friends, food and more food!


  1. I would agree with everything Debbie has posted in this Chapter other than, "Perry also plays a mean Ukulele". It should be more accurately described as, "strums a little". 😎

    We had a wonderful visit with our friends, as did Crusoe with Hurley. (He has been moping around the house since Hurley departed for San Antonio)

    We are already looking forward to our next visit!!

  2. Looks like the good time are continuing! Glad you were able to get to the Salt Lick. What was your favorite? I think ours was a toss up between the ribs and sausage.
    Hope the issues with the rig were not too bad!

    1. Definitely the ribs! Still working on the RV issue.

  3. We lived in Austin when we first married. It was a great town in 1982, and it looks even better now, Debbie! We can't wait to get back there and spend some time.

  4. We really like it. We could've easily spent another week. Would've like to do some hiking and kayaking. There's always next time. You're 1/2 way through winter, not too bad so far, right?

  5. Looks like you're slowly catching up to us, only about three months behind now instead of four! We're in Phoenix now but heading west to California in a week or so. We can't say enough good things about Catalina State Park in Tucson, if you're interested for when you make it our here... Keep on truckin'!

    1. I just re-read your Catalina post. Looks like a great place!

  6. Austin sounds like a great city with lots to do. I love the typewriter poet and the foam blocks at the park! Glad you were at least at a good stopping spot for RV issues - with good friends and places to see.

    1. It is a fun place Jodee with a lot to see in nearby cities too like Fredericksburg. RV warranty work done, more on that on a later post.


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