"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Sunday, August 17, 2014

New RV Friends, Jackson WY, an Earthquake, Virginia City, MT & a Graduation

August 16 - August 23

While at Bakers Hole Campground in Yellowstone, we met some very nice people.  Bob & Janet have been full timing for 4 years.  It was nice comparing notes and gleaning full timing gems from someone currently on the road.  We spent a few nights at each others campfires and rigs.  They have a beautiful Class A.  We went to the Grizzly Bear/Wolf Habitat Center and enjoyed watching the bears and wolves find food and fish in the river.  Quite interesting to see up close without having to worry about getting eaten ;-)  

Bob & Janet
Another day the 4 of us took a drive to back through Yellowstone and into Jackson.  It was a bit of a cloudy day.  Just before we got to Jackson a heavy rain and some good sized hail came down.  By time we got into the Jackson area it there way another very dark storm approaching.  We pulled over to get some photos of the gorgeous peaks and watched the thunder in the distance.  I've never been to the Jackson Lodge.  It was beautiful.  We took more pictures and decided to head back and have some dinner.

The Grand Tetons, WY
We were really bummed that the sun was already behind the mountains and the storm that was supposed to be long gone was still hanging around.  Not the pictures I had in mind.  I actually love the Tetons more than Yellowstone.  It's quieter, less people and more raw.  Up close on a clear day, the jagged peaks just jump right out at you.  Very, very impressive.  I'm a mountain girl and I LOVE these mountains (almost more than I love the Sierra Nevada back in CA).

We ate dinner at Leek's Marina just as the sun was chasing the clouds away.  The pizza and salads were great and the views even better.

Leeks Marina

We left Jackson and Yellowstone behind and drove up towards Bozeman, MT.  Not that far away we spotted a visitor center called Earthquake Lake.  Too interesting not to stop.  Plenty of parking for large rigs, so that is what we did.  Growing up in California I'm quite used to earthquakes.  What I found interesting is that this event happened in 1959 and I'd never heard of it.

This is a view of the newly created lake which will eventually return to a river once the
riverbed cuts deeper and deeper each year with rainfall and water current.

The scar left behind where the mountain side gave way and dammed up the river.

This tragic event was very interesting and they do a very nice job of showing what happened to those poor people who live in that area and those whose lives were lost while camping.  The sadly ironic part is that of those killed, two families were vacationing from Coalinga, CA.  That area is right on a fault and has many earthquakes.  You can still see remnants of homes and businesses that were suddenly under water and later abandoned.

On the way we drove through the beautiful little town of Ennis.  Sure wish we would've stopped.  It was very charming.  Great place for an ice cream and a stroll.  But we wanted to get to Virginia City before our final destination of Bozeman.  Virginia City is another quaint old cowboy town.  Again, lots of parking for large rigs.  We walked up one side and down the other enjoying the old buildings and lunch at the Outlaws CafĂ©.  Great food and lots of memorabilia to keep you occupied while the food was cooking.


It's like Dean is saying, "This guy!!"

The E.L. Smith Store

About a mile down the road is another ghost town, Nevada City.  Not as impressed with this one.  They moved a lot of old buildings to one location and for a small fee you can walk through.  The really interesting part was their collection of Automated Music Machines (they reminded me of calliopes).  Very intricate and old.


Beautiful horse!  Dappled Appy?
A nice little train museum too.
August 17 - 23
Placerville & San Jose, CA

We have good friends whose daughter is going to Montana State and would be staying with us.  As it turned out, it was the exact dates I would be flying back to CA for our oldest sons second college graduation.  Dental Hygiene School.  So while I didn't get to spend any time with our friends in Montana, Steve had some company!

Congratulations Grace!  Go Wildcats!

My week was a busy one with regular doctor checkups, checking in on the house, graduation and lots of visiting with our kids, my parents, siblings, friends and celebrating my grammas 94th birthday!!

Our boys Brennan, Ryan & Shane (sorry Kaylee couldn't be there)

We thought this made an appropriate snack for a Dental Hygienist graduate.

Proud Momma!

Time to fly back to Montana!!


  1. Love that last picture of you and son. And those apples were definitely the perfect touch. Congrats Ryan.

    1. Thanks. It was so nice to meet you both but still bummed we couldn't see the doggies!

  2. Great photos Debbie, Those are the places we hope to visit someday if we can ever get out of IL. 2 more days of work then retirement and on our way to IN for the rally. Congratulations to your son. See you and Steve soon. Curt

    1. You're almost there! Two more days! We'll be thinking of you Friday. Have a great weekend and yes, we'll see ya at the rally!

  3. So excited that you're having such a great time! The marina photos are stunning!!! Your boys are very handsome - it's wonderful you could be there for the graduation :-). I had no idea about the big quake and slide either - looking forward to learning lots of that "new" stuff!

    1. Thanks Jodee. I was very happy to be there for the graduation. I was fascinated by Earthquake Lake. I agree, it is fun to find "new" stuff!


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