"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Tuesday, July 6, 2021


Benton, Illinois
South Marcum COE

Funny story...
Sometimes I call Missouri MoMo.  I also found the name of the lake we were heading to, Lake Wappapello, kind of funny.  Wappa Mo Mo I kept saying.  Then it hit me while we were driving through those corn fields that those words reminded me of a song.  I had to think about it and then it came to me, the chorus of Elvira from the Oakridge Boys.
Giddyup a Umm Boppa Umm Boppa Mow Mow...
Click the song if you want to hear it.  Elmira song You can skip the Ad and go to 1:04 to get to the chorus.
Yes, my mind goes off to some strange places sometimes. Or maybe it's corn fumes!
End of funny story.

There was one more lake we wanted to visit on our way out of Illinois.  Rend Lake was suggested by Faye as a great stopover for us on our way to Missouri.
We drove past the large cross.
More country roads took us to the secluded Lake Rend.  We found a site on the lake that we could launch our kayak from.  It was a steep site, but we managed.  We arrived just in time to set up and head out on the water.
Another great Corp of Engineers park.  30/Dump, central water, $18, #87.
It was a nicely wooded site which was great as it was still very hot.  Too hot for a fire afterward.
Our neighbors docked next to us.  It was much cooler on the water and we enjoyed watching the sun set.

The cove behind us.

The setting sun almost made it look like the sky was melting into the lake.

The wake that a passing boat made created a really cool color of pink on the waves.  I should've videoed it as it looked really wild.

Great paddle and time to get a good night sleep.  Crossing into Missouri tomorrow.

After crossing the Mississippi River we pass through many more corn and soybean fields.
Hello Missouri on the other side of the river.

Plenty of large farm equipment out here.

Williamsburg, MO
Lake Wappapello State Park
After a few hours we arrive at Lake Wappapello in the corner of SE Missouri.  This state park is very nice.  There were 2 loops.  One on the lake and the other on a ridge above it.
We moved into our site in the Asher Creek Loop, 30a/Central Water/Dump, $20, #74.
It was a great site, but there just wasn't strong enough Verizon signal for Steve to work so the next day we moved up to the Ridge Loop where we found a section with great signal.
This is the Ridge Loop, site #44.  Plus side was that there was a central water spigot right next to us.

It was stormy most of the time we were here but we did get one paddle in.  The water is warmer and quite shallow but the shoreline was layered with limestone and there were a lot of fish moving about.  Probably Carp. 

We didn't bring our poles but passed a few Bass boats.  We talked to them and they were fishing for Bass  but weren't catching anything.
Hurley kept an eye on those guys throwing "sticks".  We try not to bring him with us when we're fishing because he goes nuts thinking we're throwing "sticks" for him when we cast.  He barks and whines and goes crazy.  He doesn't try to jump out but he wants to bite the poles and the lures.  

The winds are picking up and the clouds are getting darker so it's time to get off the lake.  We've enjoyed this corner of Missouri and our next stop we'll be in Arkansas on another lake.


  1. A couple more sweet spots to stay. Safe travels and try to stay cool! 🥶

    1. Looking forward to some cooler weather but not for a while.

  2. We liked Rend Lake a lot. Didnt stay long but it was great

    1. It was pretty. We didn’t have a lot of time either.

  3. This MoMo boy had to look that location up on a map:) First time I ever heard someone use those initial for the state. If I hear it again I'll make sure and let them know you invented it.

    Are you traveling US 67 or US 60? 60 is a great route towards Springfield (Virus break out in Springfield so beware). I've never been on 67 and wondered how it was.

    1. 60/backroads/67 into AR.
      Ha ha. We used to live off a road called Missouri Flat. The locals called it Mo Flat. We are zig zagging the backroads in no hurry to be anywhere! Yes, I invented it! 😂

  4. Great, now I cannot get that song out of my head! We lived on a lake when first got our Golden Retriever, Bailey and she too thought we were throwing sticks for her when we were fishing. One day we hear some commotion out front and there was Bailey swimming around some bass fisherman's boat as he is trying to beat her off with his fishing pole! Good times!

    1. Too funny! At least Hurley Ford truck chomp down on our poles like our Beagles did!

  5. Best blog post title ever :-))) Funny how our minds wander down silly trails! Your water pics are so gorgeous and inviting. Love that you can all get out for paddles.

    1. It was nice because after that it was too hot and windy to paddle!


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