"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Monday, January 27, 2020

Back in The Superstitions - A Hike & A Paddle

Apache Junction, Arizona
Lost Dutchman State Park

The last few days of our stay was filled with a new hike and some kayaking on the lake.  The campsites here are large, clean and have the best views of the Superstitions.
We can't get enough of this view.
Sunsets are plenty.

The sunrises are pretty spectacular too.

We were up early and met up with Jeff and Shelly to do one of the hikes off  First Water that we hadn't done yet.  Hackberry Springs is a moderate hike just over 8 miles.
Shelly, Me, Steve & Jeff.
We all used to live in Placerville and our kids went to school together.  They've lived in Gold Canyon for a few years and are now moving to Switzerland so we are happy to see them one last time.

There was plenty of water in the creek.  The horses were enjoying their hike too.
We all made it across without anyone slipping and getting wet.

Hackberry Spring

So many Sagruaros out here.

Weaver's Needle in the background.

After our hike we cleaned up back at camp and then headed out for some great Mexican food.  First we stopped by to see a friend of Shelly's kids, Courtni.  Also known as The Flipping Nomad.  I have heard and seen some of the RV renovations she has done in the past.  She currently had her rig at a nearby RV dealer for an Open House so we visited.
She was given the trailer by Montana and they let her go, designing it any way she wanted.  It was amazing to see what you can do.  She does live in this year round.
The elevated living room.
The kitchen as seen from the living room.

Missing a real bathtub in your rig?  Not here!
Bold wallpaper in the bedroom.
The outside has some pretty creative storage additions.  The slide out in the front had a huge Margarita Maker, beer on tap and outside TV.

The HUGE slide out in the rear basement had a Traeger Smoker, BBQ, outdoor kitchen and more!

She was also given the use of this new truck too.  Nice.

One last day of paddling on Canyon Lake.  John and Tina had never been so we took them.  We took them to where First Water Creek enters the lake.  It's short but the steep canyon walls are really pretty and its very peaceful back here.  Next time we will paddle the larger La Barge Creek Inlet.

After our paddle we drove to Tortilla Flats for a visit and to see if any of the road going past was open yet.  It wasn't and probably won't be for years.  Tortilla Flat is a cute little town and a great place to stop for a meal, drinks and entertainment.
Hey, we found Hangtown (Placerville) George's long lost twin!

So pretty!
Another couple of weeks fly by and next we head to Lake Pleasant which have not visited yet.  First we stop in the nearby Walmart for some items.  We come around the corner and WHOA.  What is it?  A price checker?  Floor Cleaner?  Never saw one of these before.
A Walmart Robot of some kind.


  1. Those are some of our favourite places too. Didn’t realize the road at Tortilla Flats no longer goes through.

  2. Ah, pre-Covid ... those were the days LOL. Yeah, that landslide between Tortilla Flat and Apache Lake probably won't be cleared for awhile, which unfortunately lead to the close of that marina.

    1. Yes, sad. Glad we had a chance to do the entire loop drive years back.

  3. Maybe next winter will be the winter we finally get to Canyon Lake for a paddle. We plan to be on the move all winter next year, lots of places to visit. One day we'll get past Tortilla Flats.


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