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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Lots of Hiking in Apache Junction

Apache Junction, AZ
Lost Dutchman State Park

Ahhh...  a nice week to unwind after all the fun at Quartzsite.  You really can't beat this campground.  A gorgeous site right at the base of the Superstition Mountains. One of our all-time favorites.

The weather was just perfect too.  Well the first day was crazy windy, but the temperature was in the mid 70's all week.  The campsites here are $30 for W/E or $20 for no hookups.  Unfortunately we wouldn't be able to hike Flat Iron, but we did a couple hikes up around the base.
 Campsite #106.
No sooner had we set up we were off for a quick hello to Curt and Glenda who stay in Canyon Vista at Gold Canyon.  Very nice, newer park with lots of amenities.  We had a short visit then we were off for dinner at Jeff and Shelly's who live about 10 minutes away. Jeff is quite the chef! They used to live near us in Placerville but now live in Gold Canyon.
We had a wonderful sliced steak coated with Blue Cheese, Planked Steelhead Salmon with an Orange Ginger (correct me if I'm wrong Shelly), root vegetables, potatoes and some nice wine to go with it.
Jeff & Shelly
After a wonderful meal we finished our wine in the hot tub.  A great relaxing evening!  Thank you once again for such a great time! 
The next night we had more time to spend with Curt and Glenda.  Four Peaks Brewery had some great beer, according to Steve and Curt.  We had a nice early dinner.

 Loved the full moon rising up over the mountains behind us.
I did get a hike in with Shelly at the Peralta Trailhead.  We chose to hike #235 Bluff Springs Trail.
Right off the bat you end up hiking up a section called "Cardiac Hill".  Pretty steep.  You have to be careful when you get to the intersecting Bark's Canyon as some people get lost at the part.
Shelly and Jesse.  Jesse had a blast hiking with us.

Looking back toward the trailhead parking.

I just love all the stacked rocks and views of the valleys below.

"Snail Rock"

 Weaver's Needle can be seen peeking over.
A close up of Weaver's Needle.

It was a great day hike. Thanks for the fun Shelly!

On the last day here we had some more Curt and Glenda time and they took us to do the Massacre Grounds hike off First Water.  It's a 5.3 mile hike.  Their is a waterfall at the end.
In 1848 Mexican miners of the Peralta family were taking gold from the area when Apaches pinned them down against a black rock wall and the miners died there.  The  place came to be known as Massacre Grounds. The Dutchman Jacob Waltz allegedly came upon their goldmine but took its location to his grave. 
 Curt and Steve showing off their compass tattoos.
It was another nice day.  Here we go.
A headless saguaro.  We were going to hide a geocache out here but it's in wilderness area and not allowed.
The guys exploring one of several caves/mines in the area.
I don't know what the name of this formation is but it made a beautiful backdrop for the hike.  It was a fairly easy hike with some steeper parts.  You also had to be careful for the slick spots.  I think all of us slid a few times but luckily no falls.
 We didn't quite make it to the end as the sun was starting to go down, so we headed back. This is 4 hikes in a row for me and it felt great to get in so many nice hikes.  We'll be lucky if we get one or two in once we get to Surprise as we'll be busy with family arrangements.



  1. Nice to see you hiking again, don't think we've done any of those. Got your comment about hiking, any time next week is good.

  2. Those look like some great hikes, Debbie. Love that campsite!

  3. Great hiking areas! I like the snail rock formation, very cool!

    1. So many stacked rocks and formations out here make for some great hiking.

  4. Hello. I just came across your blog. I do follow a lot of them since we are looking at going full time in less than two years now. I see you bought your Montana at Lakeshore. We are looking at Montana's and have been looking at Lakeshore as well. Sounds like you had a good experience with them. Just wanted to ask you opinion. How have they been after the sale if you needed them again. Thanks for any information you can give. I look forward to continue reading your blog. Your pictures are wonderful.

    1. Hello. We have been very pleased with Lakeshore. They gave us a great deal. We worked over the phone and texting - so strange to us. Every step of the way they were fantastic. Even if we made changes. No pressure. They encouraged us to stay at the camp spaces and test everything out and drive it around for a few days in case we had questions or something needed fixing. We brought it back in for some minor fixes just before our 1 year warranty and they fixed it all. We've also called them for other ideas and suggestions and they continue to be a great people to work with. Good luck with your purchase and maybe we'll see you out on the road some time.

    2. We are also in the market for a fifth wheel within the next year or so. I've been keeping a list of dealerships we might be interested in that sell the top three or so brands we are interested in. More recently, I've been researching trucks. Seems internet shopping is very popular. Never knew that. From what I'm reading it's a great method to get the bulk of the negotiation process out of the way. Debbie, good to hear the method worked for you with your trailer. Assume you did the same with your truck purchase given where you bought it.

      Does anyone think starting internet negotiations at 35% off MSRP for a new luxury fifth wheel and 22% for a new dually diesel sound reasonable to include incentives? I've found several dealers advertising fifth wheels at 35% off already.

    3. Yes, great starting point. Maybe even less if that's what they are already offering. They'll negotiate if they are really interested.

  5. Beautiful area, I bet it was nice to hit the trail to work out some of those toxins you put in your bodies here at Q!

    1. You've got to go there some time. Our favorite place in Arizona. Definitely nice to get out on some trails again!

  6. I love reading your blog. You always have wonderful pictures. You do such a great job. Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend.


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