"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood... And sorry I could not travel both. I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

Thursday, November 30, 2017

November in Placerville, CA

Placerville, CA
Storm Valley Ranch

We were welcomed back to Placerville with what else, rain.  We sure hoped it wouldn't turn in to a repeat of last year when it rained almost every day we were here (4 months) resulting in us staying until almost March before we could get out.
A couple of days later Steve met up with several of his friends away at a Men's Weekend.  This is usually when my friend, Chris, comes up to visit.  We have fun hiking and hanging out.  This time I got sick just after we got here.  She still wanted to come up and visit.  We just lounged around and hung out with some of the animals.  The sun had come out and the weather, while chilly, was nice.  Sorry I wasn't better company Chris.  Always great to see you though!
 The resident Scottish Highlanders that my brother raises.
Lot's of cute babies!

My brothers new rig on the left, ours in the middle and a friends that was just here for a bit on the right.  My brother and his wife are going fulltime.  They will follow us to Quartzsite for a bit then they'll head to Florida and back and join us later in the year up in Oregon.
 We surprised our friend Doug at his work event.  Too bad his wife Deanna didn't come!
Happy Birthday Doug!
 But later that week they took us to a King's game.  They have season tickets and great seats!
 Doug, Deanna, Me and Steve
Thanksgiving came quickly.  Unfortunately that pesky cold was going around with a vengeance and my sister was also sick and couldn't come.  It eventually went through most of the family.
Some of the kids playing card games.  Ryan couldn't make it as he and his girlfriend were out of the country on vacation. We'll have to wait until Christmas to see them.
 Me and my sister-in-law, Diane.
  Most of the family.
 There was a gorgeous sunset later that evening.

 Up early we were to do some hiking while the weather was still nice.

 It was a cool hike in a fern canyon.

 A different hike took us high up on a ridge over the river.
Came upon a heart on a rock that was lichen. 
It's not visible in the picture, but the American River flows down at the bottom.
 Tina and I out on a short hike.  We hid a couple of geocaches along the way.
Yet another hike around the lake at Sly Park.  It's close by our old home and always a go-to for me.  It's a great hike in all seasons, even snow.
 With all the rain, flooding and damns failing last year they are keeping the water levels around here very low. 
 The waterfall at the end of the trail. I was surprised how much water was running through.
 Hmm?  Thankfully we never did see any flying debris!
 Me, Rose, Steve and Mike.
After our 6 1/2 mile hike we drove back to Placerville where a couple of breweries had opened since we were here last year.  This one is called Solid Ground.  The guys didn't care for the beer at all.  They make a lot of wine beer.  I hadn't heard of this before.
 The back room if you want a more intimate setting.
I don't remember which were the wine beers, but many of them were.  What I didn't like is that beer and a couple of types of wine, were all they sold. No soda or iced tea.  So I just drank tap water!  They need to get some better non-alcoholic choices.

Shane took Steve to a 49er football game and I visited with my friends Chris and Debbie.  I did not get any pictures though ;-(

After Thanksgiving another round of the cold/flu went around and we all got sick again.  We rarely get sick and this just complicated all our plans.  There are so many appointments to get in and there was some maintenance we wanted to do with the truck and trailer At least the weather turned out wonderful.  It didn't rain much at all the entire month of November!
I went to the grocery store for some medicine, but happened to spy this out of the corner of my eye as I walked down the bread isle.  God how I love these Breakfasts Claws! So bad!  My once a year bad habit.  I ate them in just a few days too.  Feed a cold, right?



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    1. Yes it is! We didn't get to see the kids as much as we'd have liked as they live hours away and work many hours, but it was still very nice. They are all talking about joining us this summer in Oregon with their girlfriends. Should be fun if it works out!


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