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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Labor Day Pig Roast at the Farm

Brockport, New York
Pye Palace

Our last day in Brockport took us to a dear friends place for an annual Pig Roast he hosts each Labor Day on his farm.
Bob and his wife live on a nearby farm.  They raise miniature sheep that they use to spin high quality wool.  They also grow an amazing amount of flowers, plants and vegetables that they sell.  They are very environmental savvy with water usage (see above picture for how they use rainwater) and solar.
We weren't sure if we'd be there in time so Steve decided it would be great fun to not tell Bob we were coming and surprise him.
 He was very surprised!!  It has been close to 20 years since we saw him last.  Our boys were in scouts together and he and Steve were both Pack leaders over the years.  Scouts really brought our small community together and they were great times with many friends.

A pot-bellied pig pet.
Some of the sheep they raise.
Some of the wool dyed and hanging to dry.
Steve helping to put some wire around the peacock pen so the new hatchlings can't get out.
Lots of chickens.

Hops are growing up on the barn.


 Beautiful flower gardens everywhere!

That cute little "house" is the outdoor bathroom.  Nice and convenient.


The pig has been cooking since early in the morning.
Ready to come out!


Everybody's brings something to share at the potluck.  The pork turned out delicious, as usual!

Thank you Bob for such a great time!!
What a great way to wrap up our time in New York!


  1. Beautiful farm. Looks like a great time. Love a pig roast. What kind of hops were they growing?

    1. Centenial, Cascade and a few more. Gorgeous place they have!

  2. What a wonderful place!! I'm sure it's a lot of work to keep everything growing and so beautiful, but it looks like a little piece of heaven.

    1. It is gorgeous! They've always got something going on.

  3. Beautiful farm your friends have. Love a good pig roast, looks like lots of fun.


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