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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Friend Reunion, Class Reunion & a Family Reunion

Gladstone, VA
James River State Park

The next 3 weeks will continue to be full of reunions.  Friends, School and a lot of family!  We were happy when we found out that we'd be very near RV friends, Ben & Jo in Virginia.  While many campgrounds were full due to the Forth of July, we found a state park to stay at that wasn't too far from them.  They came to meet us at our campground and brought dinner the first night. Thanks guys!
Me, Steve, Jo & Ben - Class of 2014!

James River State Park, $35 for W/E.

We had a real nice site with lots of room.

The heat and humidity continued so we launched the kayak right on the river at the campground for some paddling.  We thought it would be cooler on the river.  Wrong.  You just can't get any relief from that humidity.  Not in the water or the shade.  Just hot and steamy.

The water felt good as long as you stayed in it. 

Hurley was happy but we had to watch him with the current.

We didn't stay out long.  Back to the A/C!
We cleaned up, cooled off then met up with Ben & Jo at the Blue Mountain Brewery.

Hops growing out front.

Plenty of beer to taste.

We spent a few days visiting, eating and keeping cool.  Ben & Jo had to work on the 4th of July so we thought we'd just go into one of the towns for fireworks.  Strangely all the nearby small towns had already done their fireworks and parades over the weekend.  We saw some fireworks in the distance and figured that counted and called it a night. 

Goodbyes were said a few days later and we began our drive to Newport News for Steve's 40th Class Reunion.  On the way we stopped at the Chillin & Grillin Shack in King William.  It's owned by Steve's cousin, Danielle and her husband, Mark.  They have fantastic BBQ!  We met his Uncle Harry there for lunch.  It has been 3 years since we've been back here and it's always nice to see everyone again.
Thanks for a delicious lunch!!

We arrived in Newport News back at the City Park Campground.  Same spot we stayed at last time too.  Perfect location to visit family and only 10 miles from the Class Reunion.
Friday night was a casual cocktail get together.  These are some really fun people and we had a really great time.  I had a really cute dress but didn't get a picture.

Saturday morning was brunch and picture time.  We were to wear white.  What?  Only white?  We had to scramble to find outfits for all these changes. This is the most we have dressed up since being on the road this past 3 years.
 Most of the Class of 1977.
Brunch outfits then a change for dinner.

Me, Cindy & Debbie.
 I had a really good time hanging out with the girls.  Fun weekend!

The last few days were spent with a Family Reunion BBQ on Sunday with Aunt Gail and more cousins at the campground where we were staying.

Aunt Gail, David, Kristy, Cindy and Lee

Nephew, Michael.

Cassidy and David's daughter Emma.
I didn't get any pictures of Steve's youngest brother, Jeff and the rest of his family, but they'll be in the next blog on a camp out.

Dinner with Steve's other brother Mickey, Wendy & their daughter Katie.  We always have a great time together.  Sure wish we lived closer.

Mickey & Steve goofing off.
Niece Katie brought her daughter, Callie over.  She was only a couple of months old the last time we saw her.  She had very dark hair and was a tiny little thing.  Now she is a smart energetic almost 3 year old.
Wendy said it took her quite a while to decide which princess dress she wanted to wear.  She is absolutely the cutest!

We had a couple of dinners and breakfast together.

Maybe some day I'll get to be a Nonna (grandmother).  Can't wait!

And one more trip to the cemetery to put flowers on his Mom's grave and other grandparents.

Time with family is so special.


  1. What fun times!! Your two reunion outfits were marvelous!!

  2. So glad you got to see Jo and Ben and I told you that you would look totally hot in that dress!!!

    1. Very busy but very fun. Ya, Sausage Girl didn't show up ;-) Thanks Trace1

  3. I bet she'd look cute in any of her princess dresses :-) And you look fabulous in your dress too!

    1. Thank you Rene! She was a cutie pie for sure!


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