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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Water, Water Everywhere. And Mud.

Placerville, CA
Storm Valley Ranch

It's no surprise that we are still here in Placerville.  El Nino has been relentless with storms.  The average rainfall is 5 - 7 inches during the rainy season per month.   Here is what we have had so far since we arrived in November. 

Nov - 4.41 inches,
Dec - 7.42 inches
Jan - 17.94 inches
Feb 11.22 inches (as of 2/16)
We're up in the mountains so we aren't in danger of flooding from dams or levees breaking like they are down in the valley but we have been plagued with creeks, rivers and roads flooding up here.  Tree are uprooting with the winds more easily as the ground is super saturated.  There hasn't been enough dry days or enough of them to dry the soil out at all.

All these pictures are within a 1/4 of my brothers ranch where we are with our rig. More on this later.  On the few days that are dry we get out for some hiking as much as we can.

We did some geocaching on a trail that I haven't been on to Weber Creek Reservoir. Of course much of the trail is flooded or covered in snow, so it's always interesting.

Waterfalls everywhere and much of the trail is a creek.  It never bothers Hurley.  He loves to run back and forth through the water.

The color of the water here in the lake is very pretty.  This uphill portion wasn't too muddy.


Sheep grazing.

Pretty sunset to end the day.

Since we're here longer it is nice to be able to see the kids and parents more often.  I took my daughter, Kaylee, and Mom out to breakfast one morning and then my Mom geocached with me a little bit afterwards.

She really was having fun!

And here is why we haven't bothered to risk getting out.  Some AT&T trucks learned the hard way after they got stuck in my brothers pasture. The one that we need to drive through that is currently a river.  It took 3 large wreckers and several hours to pull them out!  We'll just wait, thanks.

Another night we enjoyed a Crab Feed with friends Doug and Deanna.  Our kids spent all their school years together in 4-H.

Here's another picture of the "road" we need to drive to get out.  The dam at the top hasn't stopped draining the overflow yet. This is the view out the back from our rig.

This is the view from the paved road looking back up towards the dam.

The rainfall in January and so far in February has been the worst.  Part of Hwy 50 that runs from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe has been shut down due to mudslides and local roads have had slides and large sinkholes.  The creeks and rivers are flowing right up to, and sometimes over the roads.
This is right in front of the driveway to my brothers ranch.

Just around the corner.

The rivers are several times larger than normal and flooding everything.

A view from both sides of the bridge.  The river is normally 15 feet across.  Now it's over 50ft.

Another sunny day took us to the El Dorado Trail which runs through the old railroad tracks.  We were out to do some geocaching along the tracks with our friend, Tina.

This creek is usually a few feet across but has now overflowed its banks.
It's slippery on the tracks.  Careful Tina!

Some parts of the trail are flooded too and we had to do some bushwacking to get around it.

An interesting part of the trail where the walls of the hill were cut out.

Ferns growing around the rocks.

A cute little tree frog out on the rails too.
Some interesting rocks that I found tucked in the mossy walls.  Wonder what they mean and who put them here.  You had to look closely to see them.


The next day was sunny too so off we went to do more geocaching south of us on the flatter lands.  There was an old dirt road that goes through some grassy ranch land.  It was in pretty good condition and we had no problems.  For a while.

Then we came to a few muddy spots.  Most were easy to get through or around without worrying us.

Nice view of the Sierra Nevada in the distance.
Then it happened.  We were turning around as the mud was getting much worse and we didn't want to chance getting stuck.  We came upon some kids who needed to be pulled out.  Just before we got to them we got stuck in an area that we had already come through with no problems. I called my brother as his truck has much more clearance and larger wheels with mud tires.  Just before he arrived, another guy came by with a winch and pulled the kids out then us and he went on his way after we thanked him.  On the way out another group of folks got stuck and my brother pulled them out.  What a day!  Not many people on this back road so we got lucky.  We will avoid the mud from now on!  We were able to recover the front air dam and license plate that got sucked off in the mud.

After another round of storms, we got another day of pretty blue skies so my niece, Courtney, and I hiked the lake at Sly Park up the mountain from us.  It's one of my favorites and is only 10 miles from our old sticks and bricks.  I've hiked it all year, sun and snow.

The lake is still overflowing and there are waterfalls and run-off all over the trail that I've never seen in over 15 years.

I love this trail as it runs right along the lake.  It's a nice 6 1/2 mile trail to the falls and back.

We had to hop, jump and walk on logs to cross all these creeks.  Sometimes we had to bushwack uphill to get out of the mess.

This footbridge was flooded so we had to hike up the canyon a bit to find a crossing.

More creeks to cross.

Courtney finding a geocache along the way in some mossy rocks.

This portion of the trail before the bridge crossing was flooded. I'm usually hearing the crunch of snow under my feet instead of squish, squish.

Some downed trees too.

Some snow still out by the waterfall.

Strangely, there was very little water coming over the falls.  I think they diverted to keep as much as possible out of the lake.

There is a deep hole at the base of the falls that is popular during the summer.

This huge tree was irresistible to Hurley.  He was playing inside having a good time.

Who me?

There's no doubt we will be here though February.  Maybe in March there will be more sun and we can get to Arizona before heading across the states to Maine.  We'll see what Mother Nature has to say about that.


  1. Wow...that's a lot of rain and water you guys have had to deal with. At least you're still able to get out into some beautiful areas to hike. As I write this it is raining in Q and we had a hell of a dusty windstorm yesterday and overnight. Our you feeling sorry for us? 😜

    1. Seems like a wetter year in Q too? My hiking is somewhat limited as I usually like to be further up in the mountains but they are covered with 15 feet of snow! Lower elevations too muddy.

  2. Adventure comes in many ways. I know this wasn't what you had in mind, but at least you have family and friends near and making the best of it.

  3. Your photos bring to life all the rain we hear about everyday on the news for the west coast. With all the drought years, you knew it wasn't going to ease up slowly but instead go from too little to too much over night! Wow! That is a LOT of water. Your sunny days are beautiful. Love the color of the lake!

    1. I can't remember when all the lakes and reservoirs were this full/overflowing! Just crazy!

  4. Wow - that's a lot of water! Sorry your plans have been messed up - but at least you are safe and you can spend your time waiting to leave with friends and family! Hope it dries out soon!

    1. It just keeps raining! We'll get back east at some point! Looking forward to meeting up with you too back in New Jersey! It's been too long. Unfortunately we had to miss most of our 14er friends since we couldn't get to Quartzite this year.

  5. Love all of the pictures! Can't believe the amount of rain we have had, ready for some sunshine straight up!

  6. Thanks for the great photos. Having lived in Northern California for over 20 years leaving in 2008 we never had anything like this year. All that water! Stay safe and enjoy friends and family.

    1. Ya, it's the most rain that we remember having too! If we could just catch enough of a break to dry things out we can get out of here. Yes, enjoying F&F, but....

  7. Wow....I knew it was bad but the pictures definitely tell the story. Hope you dry out by end of March!!!

  8. It has been unusually wet this year, for sure! Ron was reading that So-Cal is getting slammed pretty good right now too. I've seen on GeoCaching that you've been busy hiding new caches in addition to finding them. Your sunny day adventures look fun. Ron and I once took a back road and ended up with a flat tire. Luckily a person drove past and was able to help us. Isn't it a relief when someone stops to give you a hand :-) Keep your spirits high. This too shall pass!

    1. Yes, we've been doing a lot of geocaching! We're having to travel further to keep up our once a day challenge since we've been here so much longer than planned! Would love to do more hiking though!

  9. Hey, we just arrived in Tucson and will be here until April. Let's meet up!

    1. We'd love to meet up! If/when we get there we'll let you know!

  10. So glad you're on higher ground - but you're still surrounded by lots of high water! Love the sheep and barn, and that little green frog is so cute. I miss crab and oyster feeds - I don't know any other area that does them. Hang in there :-))))

  11. Wow...hope this rain stops soon so you can continue your travels. Sorry we won't be hanging out until we get to the NE this summer. We've been watching the weather in your area and sad to say it's not too good. Hang in there.

  12. Craziness! At least you are able to get out to do some hiking and geocaching! Doesn't look like you will be heading out any time too soon!

  13. This would be a good time to invent a floatation device for such a situation. Maybe some sort of hovercraft.

  14. Love the pic of Hurley coming out of the tree. At least he's having fun !!

    1. He's getting housebound too. Sure looking forward to warmer temps!


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