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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Stuck in Limbo or Rain, Rain Go Away!

Placerville, CA
Storm Valley Ranch

November started out with nice weather in Placerville, but that was short lived.  We had some snow and then endless amounts of rain.  RAIN.  The kind that never ends!  And a series of bad luck.

All of California has had some of its heaviest rainfall in over 10 years this past few weeks.  The above picture shows the overflow from my brothers dam at his pond.  This was with a low flow.  There have been days the pipe flows at maximum capacity and this part of the pasture is now a river.  The problem?  The lower part of this river (that you can't see) is the "road" that we have to drive our 5er out of!  So that is why we still sit here in cold, wet Placerville instead of enjoying Happy Hours with our RV Friends in the warm desert in Quartzite, Arizona!
All this non-stop rain kept me from adding some Dicor to a suspicious spot next to the Fantastic Fan on the roof that I noticed while I was washing it on one of the very few dry days.  So no surprise when we got a little leak.  I went up to dry the area and cover it with plastic until we had a dry day to add more Dicor.  For those of you that don't know what Dicor is, it's a thick goopy sealant.  Problem was the wind and rain were horrible and I needed something to hold down the plastic sheet.  Here's where I get a little Redneck.  I couldn't find rocks/bricks etc to use and I really didn't want to carry any up the ladder or put them on the roof in case the wind made a sail out of the plastic.  I was cold, wet and out of ideas.  Hey, I just bagged up a few large garbage bags of trash (no food scraps).  I lugged them up the ladder and they hold the plastic down perfectly!  Too bad I didn't get a picture of it!  A week later when the sun showed itself for a couple days, I got the Dicor on and it's working perfectly.  I know this because another huge round of storms has hit us again and we are still dry.  No leak!
The same day I was out on errands and got rear-ended in a parking lot.  The guy had just driven past me and decided to backup.  Very quickly.  Without looking.  WHAM!  I saw him in my mirror and honked but too late.  How can you not see this big ass dually truck?  Ug.  Now calls and e-mails to insurance companies.  Since we appear to be stuck here unless we add pontoons to the trailer, I guess we'll get it fixed here.

Unfortunately the hitch took the main hit and broke Steve's favorite Arrogant Bastard Brewery hitch cover.  But fortunately the hitch took the main hit because that's about all it did and his van didn't fare too well.  It did tweak the bumper a bit and now the back up camera sensors are off.  This makes the truck think it's going to constantly hit something and it now beeps when in reverse.  Kinda funny.


Some good news though.  Our youngest son and his girlfriend graduated from Dental Hygiene and we enjoyed the graduation.  Whew.  That's 6 college graduations.  I think we're done now.

                                              Brennan and Alex.

They decorated their caps.  Brennan made a sort of Bobble Head Tooth on his.

The grandparents and us with Brennan.

On those couple nice days we did get some hiking and geocaching in.  This was a fun one with a clever container.  It was one of those pink lawn flamingos up in a tree.  You had to bring it down on a rope/pulley system he made to get to it. 

A nice little hike led to this view above the river.
Pretty clever, right?  We love it when cachers make these types of hides!
On the last day before more rain set in, we hid a few caches of our own and spent some time hiking in the Georgetown Conservancy Area. 

Steve finding a cache in an old mine.

Looks like this poor guy wasn't having a good week either.  (he must've fell out of the tree)
And wrapping it all up at the Goat House Brewery to visit an acquaintance who had a hot dog truck there.  Cute little farm too.
At this point, January 18, it is looking like we won't make Arizona until February.  And that's only if we get a couple of weeks of no rain to firm the ground back up!  We may only get a couple of days in Quartzite before we need to be in Phoenix with the in-laws.  We'll see what Mother Nature has in store for us. 
Until then,


  1. Sorry you got stuck with all the rain. Hope it does dry up soon so you can move on. Congratulations to Brennan and his girlfriend. What an accomplishment. At least you're keeping busy hiding and finding caches. Stay dry and we'll see you out east this summer.

  2. The rain and driver has been brutal. Hope you make it to AZ soon. Stay as dry as you can.

  3. Hoping the rain stops soon for you guys and you can bug out!! Looking forward to connecting in late March!!

  4. Hang in there Debbie. I believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out what the reason is until later.

    BTW, I kind of like this Quartzsite place.

    1. Wish we were there too! Enjoy the weirdness!

  5. We are enjoying your forced stay!!!!

  6. The weather has been crazy this winter. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do but wait out the storm. In the meantime, I'm glad you're staying dry. Very clever cache with the flamingo in the tree.

  7. That's a bummer being stuck so long in the rain. Looks like a beautiful place to be stuck though. Looking forward to seeing you guys when you finally get here!

  8. That's a lot of water...sorry you are stuck there until it dries out. Hope you are able to hit the road soon...would love to see you here in Q!

  9. Sorry you're stuck there but sounds like you're keeping busy. Bummer about the accident. Congratulations to Brennan and his girlfriend.

  10. Oh dear, timing is everything! Hope the truck is fixed and ready to pull just as soon as you get a dry spell. Love the flamingo cache :-))

  11. Sorry about the accident! Congrats to your son and his GF! When we lived in KY - the house was high enough but the lower part of our property would flood and we'd have a small river for awhile. Hope you get out soon!

  12. Hope the weather breaks for you soon. How many geocaches have you found now? Seems like Chief Coppa Hembo was ahead of his time.

  13. Sorry your stuck, but glad your safe. Steve looks great by the way. The new trim him is awesome. All that geocaching and hiking is definitely paying off!!

    1. Thanks, he's been working hard! We may get a chance coming up. 8 days of projected sun! We'll see!


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