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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Old Friends & New Friends

Mancos, Colorado
Boondocking - National Forest

It's strange being back in Mancos.  Just six months ago we started our trip to Colorado.  Now we're completing our time here where started.

Some of our RV Friends of the Class of 2014 are crossing paths with us and came to stay for a few days.  Guy and Sue have been around Colorado but not quite where we were.  Until now.  So we had a great time catching up and sharing some nice meals.

Unloading their ATV.

Right away the guys took off for a little ride.

The weather has been very crazy here.  Hot then cold. 

Once they came back Steve and I went off for a ride up the mountain.

Back down before it got too dark.

We had a great dinner in Mancos at a nice Mexican place, then back for a campfire. It was so good we went back for dinner the very next night.

Guy shared some of his great Port with us.  SO good!

Our place.

Guy & Sue's rig.

Guy hadn't been geocaching but wanted to try.  So I took him and gave him a crash course.  Here we are with our first find.

A little Mexican Train domino game.

Lacey Lou and Hurley.  Neither would smile for the camera.

Sue telling a good story.

The guys grilled up some great bison steaks Guy & Sue brought back from South Dakota.

Before you knew it, it was time for them to head to Cortez and we will be heading to Durango, our last stop before leaving Colorado.

All loaded up!

Like I said earlier, it was hot when we got here, but the last couple days the temps plummeted and last night it started snowing.  It was a great jammie day with the inside fireplace on.

It snowed all day and night off and on.  Very pretty.  I was hoping we'd get some snow just before we left.  My wish came true.
When we first arrived in Mancos, I got a notice from RVillage from another couple that is in the area.  First, if you don't know what RVillage is, it's like facebook for RVers.  Sometimes a social life can be hard when you are on the road, miles from friends and family and it's a nice way to meet up with other like-minded people.

Skip, Tammy, Me & Steve
We drove over to Cortez to meet up with Skip and Tammy for drinks and dinner.  They are both retired firefighters from the Phoenix area.  Skip loves to fish and Tammy loves to hunt.  They also frequently spend time in Phoenix and travel in their RV to Mexico.  We had a great time talking and look forward to meeting up with them again later in Arizona.  Perhaps they will talk us into taking the rig in to Mexico some time.
Next Up:  Time with Curt and Glenda on the Train


  1. Mexican Train!!!! So jealous.

  2. The trees are beautiful. We have been quite toasty in Mesa leading us to spend more time inside playing Mexican train and getting up early to ride our bikes. Looks like some nice folks to spend time with.

    1. We had a great visit. We're in AZ now and it's hot here compared to CO. Next week we'll be in cooler temps when we get back to No. California.

  3. Love your boondocking spot - lots of room for visiting with good friends!! That's quite the toad they have :-) How fun to get just enough snow :-)

    1. It's a great boondocking spot for visiting Cortez, Mesa Verde and Durango. It really was fun getting a touch of snow.


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