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Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Feast with Friends

Durango, Colorado
La Plata Fairgrounds

What do you get when you combine 2 pounds of Royal Reds, 3 side dishes and 4 friends?  A feast!  We last saw Curt & Glenda, Illinois Campers, in June while we were at the Country Concert and they stopped by for a few days on their way from Utah to visit family in Illinois.  Now they are on their way to Arizona where they spend the winter.  Lucky for us they decided to swing by Colorado to see us. 
We decided to stay back at the Fairgrounds where we stayed in April when we first came to Colorado.

Us on the left, Curt and Glenda on the right.

Curt & Glenda's rig.
It was a lot nicer view before the dump truck parked behind us.

Animas River which runs behind the fairgrounds along the bike trail.

We spent one day riding the bike trail which follows the river through town.

Colorful leaves and seed pods.

Glenda and I.

We also did a little geocaching along the way.  One was hidden at the park in the Veterans Garden.

Steve watching Curt look for a sneaky hide.

It was a fake bolt.  Clever.

Nice views along the trail.

Oops.  Someone lost an axle!

In town we checked out the train depot as we'll be taking a day trip on the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad.  With Fall colors at peak and the weather a perfect 70, it should be a great day!

Ticket counter.

Train parked out back.

We've already got our tickets.

Fresh baked bread!  Smells so good.
Back to the feast!  After a long day on the bike trail, we couldn't wait.  Curt and Glenda picked up some of those great Royal Reds while in Alabama and brought some back for us.
Reds, Steak, salad and corn on the cob!
Like mini-lobsters!  So buttery, they melt in your mouth.
Better than lobster.  You've got to try them if you get a chance.
 So glad you came to visit!  Train ride next.


  1. So glad you suggested picking up a couple extra pounds to FEAST on. That was another one of our great times together. I see more to come in the future. Thanks for inviting us.

  2. How cool that you make friends, see them when you're in the same general vicinity and reconnect once again. You're feast looks delicious!

    1. Most are from the RV seminar, several we meet from RVillage and some we meet at campgrounds or hiking.

  3. Another great time with friends! May have to make sure we go through Alabama just to pick up some of those beauties.

    1. I like shrimp and lobster is ok, but those Royal Reds! Amazing!

  4. I've never heard of "Royal Reds" - are they only in Alabama? Love the fall colors!

    1. Any where in the gulf states. Try a fish store right on the coast!

  5. Have yet to try the Royal Reds but sure would like to. Love this lifestyle where we can meet up with friends as we travel around the country.


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